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Easy Steps On How To Make Chapman And Coconut Milk

Chapman Drink


Ice cubes
1 Sprite
Sliced orange(1 whole)
Schweppes lemon flavor(virgin mojito)
Sliced lemon(1whole)
Sliced tangerine(1whole)
Sliced cucumber (1/2)
Mint leaves (5 pieces)
1 Fanta
Ribena black current (small amount)


1. Pour ice cubes into a bowl or a jar
2. Add sprite and Schweppes
3. Add all sliced ingredients and mint
4. Add Fanta and ribena black current ( the ribena is to give it a rich taste and color)
5. Leave for a few minutes to let the fruits flavors go into the drink
6. Mix well and enjoy

How To Make Easy Coconut Milk




Strainer or sieve

1. Remove coconut from it’s shell and cut into smaller pieces
2. Rinse thoroughly with water
3. Transfer the coconut into a blender and add water, then blend till very smooth
4. Transfer the mixture into a sieve or strainer and squeeze out the milk
5. The is extracted completely when the crumbs of the coconut feels very dry

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