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We Were Supposed To Continue Celebrating The Happiness Of Eid Ul Fitr But We Witnessed…


“Corruption has appeared in the land and the seas because of what the hands of men have earned.” – {Qur’an 30:41}

We were supposed to continue celebrating the happiness of Eid Ul Fitr and the Durbar festival, but we witnessed violence, fear, shock and agony. We had to run for our dear lives. It was on 22nd April, 2023 and I am yet to become free of the grief that has seized me since then.

Though, it was not the first time I have seen juvenile and youthful violence, this was extreme as not even in movies have I witnessed such butchering and tearing of humans. It was really an agonizing scene.

It was barely 1pm when I was going out to see a friend who is not very distant from my street when I saw a group of boys who call themselves ‘Kwarawa’ running disorderedly as though they were been chased.

Unknown to many of us, they were heading to clash with a rival gang of over 50 bad boys from other places who had infiltrated our place with arms to rob people of their phones, money and other valuables in an open daylight.

They threatened, hit and robbed people indiscriminately including one of the richest and most powerful men in our street until the angry youths and hungry bad boys rose up and counter attacked them from all angles, killing two on the spot and injuring many of them before they could escaped. One of those killed was bartered, butchered, torn and fractured that his skull was broken wide open, leaking his brain tissues and fluid.

He was left there swimming in his blood and groaning in pain with no one caring to come to his aid until the police came and packed him. I am sure they would finish him on the way because his survival would only mean more of pain and agony upon his soul, unless he would die a repentant (Too late I think🤷🏾‍♂️).

We received a report later that another was killed not very far from the first scene. There was lots of injuries including many of the victims losing very vital components of their body.

Now, our street is no longer safe as the boys are very likely to come back for retaliation and it will be as less funny as it will be unexpected. May ALLAH continue to protect us. Aameen.

From Bauchi Abdulsalam Sabah

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