States With The Lowest Population In Nigeria

States With The Lowest Population In Nigeria

Welcome to the first-class news hub Labaranyau.comyou might be at peak of argument or you want to clear the air about the states with the lowest/smallest populations in Nigeria then this article is 100% meant to solve your case.

However large the country Nigeria may be having about 213,361,284 in total population, there are a few expresses that don’t have up to 3 million populace. This depends on the solid reality and figures of the 2016 statistics by the National Bureau Of Statistics.

So in case, you are interested to know the States with the Lowest Population in Nigeria and Their Population, unwind as this article will briefly show them as per their figures.


5 States With The Lowest Population In Nigeria Below

1 Bayelsa State

By the occasion, Bayelsa state is the littlest state in Nigeria. However, situated in the oil-rich district part of the Niger Delta. As per the populace enumeration of 2016, Bayelsa is having 2.2 million individuals occupying there.

Bayelsa Population ⇒ 2,277,961

2. Nassarawa State

Nasarawa state is one more state with a minimal populace in Nigeria with around a 2.5Million individuals. It is arranged in the North Central district part of the country, one of the zones regularly alluded to as the Middle belt.

Nassarawa Population ⇒ 2,523,395

3. Taraba State

Following up of the most unpopulated states in Nigeria is Taraba state with 3,000,000 or more occupants. Taraba state is additionally on the rundown as number 3 of the most unfortunate state in Nigeria.

Taraba Population ⇒ 3,066,834

4. Kwara State

Kwara state falls to the North central part of Nigeria and it has the religious city of Ilorin as its capital. Kwara state is the only state in North Central dominated by Yorubas.

Kwara State Population ⇒ 3,192,893

5. Gombe State

Gombe state is situated in the north of Nigeria and it has Gombe as its capital city. It is ranked as the fifth state with a minimal populace in Nigeria.

Gombe State Population ⇒ 3,256,962


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