ARTICLE: Vision 2050 by Abdulmatin Salihu

Vision 2050 by Abdulmatin Salihu

At the present state of massive corruption and unaccountability in Nigeria, vision 2050 cannot be achieved. The people’s mindset towards development has been an old song after the huge deterioration of governance.

People have no hope in the government and the politicians keep the immoral behavior of embezzlement, misappropriation, and priority displacement. Delay injustice has been a multiplier effect on development which has affected every sector of the economy.

The establishment of a special corruption court can minimize the issue of corruption when civil and public servants are found wanting and prosecuted instantly. The disposition of law enforcement agencies would make ease an atmosphere that would promote sanity in Nigeria’s Education, the most vital aspect of development in every society.


Why education should be made compulsory in Nigeria? Looking at Nigeria as a whole and comparing other countries that are developed, one needs to understand that the low level of education has a great effect on society which fuels uncertainties and social degradation.

Few other reasons every Nigerian should be educated: Economy Insecurity Awareness Character Personal development. 


As it was said above, every national development comes through the education of the populace. When the society has more educated people then there will be an uprising of economic activities which will aid in productivity, the more people get educated, the more people get ideas of creating businesses that provide employment opportunities and boost the economy of that particular nation-state.

The burden on government jobs will be reduced and the government will have more money for projects which would provide and conducive atmosphere for commercialization.


The most deteriorating effect on Nigeria’s development is insecurity. Many Nigerians who got involved in the act of insurgency, banditry, and kidnappings happen to be uneducated both religious and western. This is because they were not able to go to school to acquire knowledge that will make them value life and other lives.

Having a first degree can shape an individual perspective on society which will aid in reducing the number of bad people making society insecure. The compulsion of education will guarantee fewer societal uncertainties.


An educated person is always aware of the happenings around and always tries as much as possible to make things right when it is necessary. Education brought about economic, political, and other social awareness. And this helps in minimizing casualties whenever false information gets publicized.

No politician will be able to manipulate and exploit the citizens. Education will make the people ask questions and also give room for suggestions of technical know-how.


The education system or institution is a place where character and learning take place. I wish our system have that as it is not visible actually. But literally, the educational institutions are supposed to have instilled knowledge and character in individuals which will aid in producing nationalistic and patriotic citizens.

The lack of good education could promote uncertainties such as corruption which is bad for any developing state like Nigeria.


An educated mind is a progressive mind. Many individuals that tend to pass through education or first degrees have ambitions and work towards bettering themselves, the people around them, and society at large.

I think the 2050 vision revolves around the establishment of a special corruption court, disposition of law enforcement agencies, and most importantly the education of its citizens which is the most paramount driving force to the vision realization.

The End Of Vision 2050 by Abdulmatin Salihu

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