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Gabrielle Epstein Biography

Gabby Epstein is a 28-year-old Pisces who was born on February 19, 1994. Her Instagram account helped her become well-known, and she was born on Queensland’s Gold Coast. She travels a lot for her modeling job, but she always spends New Year’s Eve in Australia.

Epstein gained hundreds of fans by constantly posing on beaches and showcasing her tan. She also seems to have started her modeling career early—at the age of fifteen, she started doing it part-time.

Gabby used to be a swimmer before turning into a model. Nevertheless, a shoulder problem prompted her to give up the sport.


Name Gabrielle Epstein
DOB February 19, 1994
Age 28 years old
Net Worth $500K
Birth Place Australia

Gabrielle Epstein Early Life & Education

Gabrielle Epstein, who will turn 29 in 2023, was born on February 19, 1994, in Queensland, Australia, and grew up there. She shown a strong interest in swimming as a child, and it eventually became a big part of her life.

However, a shoulder injury ended her career aspirations of being a professional swimmer. Epstein was adamant about pursuing her interests and taking alternative paths in spite of this setback.

In terms of schooling, Epstein complied with her parents’ wishes and enrolled at Bond University in 2012. In 2016, she completed her Biomedical Science degree with honors.

Throughout her academic career, Epstein successfully juggled her education with her expanding modeling profession, demonstrating her remarkable multitasking abilities and commitment.

Gabby Epstein Net Worth

It is estimated that Epstein will have a $1 million net worth in 2022. Her profession as a model and her brand presentations provide the most of her income. It’s possible that she’s earning money from Instagram adverts.

Gabrielle Epstein Personal Life

Fans of Gabrielle Epstein have been curious in her personal life. She is romantically involved with James Roberts, an Olympic swimmer who is well-known.

Through her Instagram account, Epstein regularly posts insights into their relationship, giving her fans a peek into their exciting and joyful times spent together.

Epstein was previously said to have dated Ray White real estate sales colleague Conner Malon. When their romance started in 2014, it was well-publicized.

But as time went on, they made the decision to split up, and Epstein has since gone on to new friendships and experiences.

Gabrielle Epstein Career

Early on in her career, Gabrielle Epstein began working as a model. A model-scouting agency saw her potential when she was just ten years old and made her an offer of a contract.

This paved the way for her future career by opening doors to numerous opportunities, such as TV ads, photoshoots, and publications.

After earning her degree from Bond University, Epstein set out to become a well-known international model.

She traveled to several nations, such as Thailand, Japan, the USA, and England, exhibiting her adaptability and versatility as a model.

Natural blonde hair, fascinating blue eyes, and a striking appearance helped Epstein become well-known and land deals with high-end fashion labels.

Epstein pursued a career in entertainment in addition to modeling. She starred in three episodes of the comedy series “Goodall & Gallagher” in 2016.

This demonstrated her capacity to enthrall viewers outside of the fashion industry even more.

Gabrielle Epstein Social Media

Gabby Epstein Facts

The following interesting details about the stunning Australian model:

Gabby as a lifestyle and travel blogger

In addition to her work as a social media influencer, Gabby Epstein blogs about travel and leisure. She claims that the main purpose of her blog,, is to provide her with a platform that allows her to share her life with the public in a way that is “more personal and in-depth.” Gabby travels the world and stays for free at resorts and high-end hotels, something she is happy to state. She posts about her travels on her blog, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

She dislikes portraying herself as an influencer in the interim. She once said that she didn’t feel comfortable portraying herself as such because she thought people wouldn’t take her seriously when she tried to say that Instagram was the center of her business.

She is an industrial entrepreneur

As previously said, Gabby has other goals for her life and does not intend to remain an influencer forever. She is putting a lot of effort into growing her lingerie brand, Gabrielle Grace, in addition to purchasing real estate and introducing a jewelry line.

She’s also getting folks to learn how to get brand collaborations and increase their Instagram following.

Swimming was his first love

As a child, Gabby was clear about her career goals: she wanted to be a professional swimmer. She was reportedly a young Australian swimmer, despite the fact that she is now best recognized for her modeling roles. A shoulder problem that necessitated surgery cut short this dream. Gabby is forced to give up swimming since the procedure might not guarantee that she can resume swimming.

his love life

Gabby Epstein might have had multiple love relationships in the past. Many would like to be in a relationship with her because she is so charming. Then then, we’re only speculating. We do know, however, that Gabby is a heterosexual woman who fell in love with Australian swimmer James Roberts, who gained notoriety after competing for his nation in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

We now know that Gabby has known James since she was fourteen years old. They were competitive swimmers when they were younger, despite only having begun dating in early 2017. It was at one of these tournaments when Gabby saw James for the first time.

She is one of Australia’s most followed influencers

She makes a living as a teacher because of this; she instructs others on how to grow their social media following. She claimed to have more than 1.7 million Instagram followers at the time of writing.

What Is Gabby Epstein’s Height?

Gabby Epstein stands 172 centimeters tall, or roughly 5’8″. She is also quite thin, weighing only 128 pounds. Her hair is naturally blond, and her eyes are blue.
Career History of Gabby Epstein

When Gabby Epstein was ten years old, her modeling career began. She was contacted by a modeling agency, and after signing a contract, she appeared in TV advertisements, magazine shoots, and other events.

In 2012, at her parent’s insistence, she enrolled at Bond University. She earned a degree in Biomedical Science in 2016.

Following that, Gabby continued modeling in a number of nations, including the USA, Thailand, Japan, and England, to mention a few. In 2016, she even appeared in three episodes of the comedy series Goodall & Gallagher. Gabby has since modeled for other well-known companies.

Where is Gabrielle Epstein from?

He’s Australian by birth.

Who is Gabrielle Epstein?

One of Australia’s top exports of glamor modeling is Gabby.

Who Is Gabby Epstein Dating?

Gabby Epstein is presently seeing James Roberts, an Olympic swimmer who is well-known. She uses his stories to share pictures and videos on her Instagram account.

She had previously dated Ray White real estate sales associate Conner Malon. That was a long time ago, though; they used to date in 2014.

Who is Gabby Epstein’s father?

Born on October 25, 1918, Gabriel Epstein was raised in Duisburg, Germany, an industrial city located in the lower Rhine region where his ancestors had resided for centuries. Harry Epstein’s father was a powerful lawyer who had a strong zeal for Zionism.


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