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Sol Kerzner Biography

Born on August 23, 1935, Solomon “Sol” Kerzner KCMG was a well-known South African business tycoon, accountant, and prominent figure in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Kerzner built and oversaw illustrious hotel and resort enterprises, including Sun International and Kerzner International, and is renowned for his visionary leadership and unyielding dedication to quality.

Sol Kerzner was motivated by a strong sense of social duty and a sincere desire to have a beneficial impact, in addition to his impressive commercial acumen. He gave millions of dollars to numerous charitable groups out of a giving heart. His charitable work was centered on The Kerzner International Foundation, which provided funding for programs in South Africa, Israel, and the Bahamas for social welfare, healthcare, and education.

The legacy of Sol Kerzner goes far beyond the walls of the boardroom. His unwavering commitment to excellence and visionary spirit catapulted him to new heights and altered the scene of opulent resorts and casinos. His charitable endeavors simultaneously improved numerous lives, illustrating the idea that real achievement comes from affecting the lives of others.

Sol Kerzner Early Life & Education

Sol Kerzner, a well-known businessman and key player in the hotel sector in South Africa, was born on August 23, 1935, in Johannesburg. He was raised in a humble Jewish household and attended King Edward VII School in Johannesburg before enrolling at the University of the Witwatersrand to study accounting and law, however he did not finish his degree.

Morris Kerzner, Sol Kerzner’s father, was a significant influence on his childhood. Sylvia Kerzner and Joyce Wohlman were his two siblings. Kerzner entered the hospitality industry in the 1960s by acquiring a modest hotel in Durban, South Africa. He converted the property into a successful seaside hotel through shrewd business tactics and perseverance, launching his career in the hospitality sector.

The Southern Sun Hotel Group, which was established by Sol Kerzner in 1969 and is now the biggest hotel chain in South Africa, was first opened. His reputation as an industry trendsetter was cemented by the group’s ascent to new heights under his creative leadership and unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

His outstanding contributions to the leisure and hospitality industries had an impact much beyond South Africa. His entrepreneurial energy and dedication to invention had a lasting impact on the hotel and resort industry, changing the definition of luxury, and capturing the interest of tourists all over the world.

Sol Kerzner tragically departed away on March 21, 2020, at the age of 84, leaving behind a legacy that still motivates and shapes upcoming generations. He was renowned for his philanthropic efforts in addition to his business ventures, generously contributing millions of dollars to charitable organizations through the Kerzner International Foundation. Initiatives for social welfare, healthcare, and education are supported by this foundation in the Bahamas, Israel, and South Africa.

Sol Kerzner Career

Sol Kerzner, a true titan in the hotel industry, left a lasting impression with his amazing endeavors. He set the stage by creating the Southern Sun Hotel Group in the 1960s, an empire that grew into one of the most prestigious hotel chains in South Africa. But Kerzner’s incredible odyssey had only just begun. He raised the flag of Sun International in 1983, a renowned luxury resort and casino business that enthralled the globe.

None of his amazing accomplishments are more brilliant than the gem known as Sun City. This gorgeous paradise, located close to Johannesburg, attracted tourists from all over the world and made Sol Kerzner a powerful force in the hotel sector. Atlantis Paradise Island in the alluring Bahamas and The Palm, an architectural marvel adorning the coast of Dubai, were both the products of his continuing creative talent.

The genius of Sol Kerzner extended beyond physical structures. He possessed a special aptitude for creating extraordinary immersive experiences. His meticulous attention to detail and unrelenting dedication to perfection produced experiences that whispered of enchantment and amazement, from the seamless integration of entertainment and gaming to the pinnacle of sumptuous accommodations.

Sol Kerzner received significant awards and his long legacy was celebrated as a result of the world’s recognition of his exceptional accomplishments. He was inducted into the Gaming Hall of Fame in 1996, and the prestigious American Academy of Hospitality Sciences presented him with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.

Sol Kerzner Personal Life

Throughout his life, Sol Kerzner was married four times. He had three kids with Maureen Adler, his first wife.

Following their divorce, Shirley Bestbier, with whom Sol Kerzner had two children, became his second wife. He wed former Miss World Anneline Kriel as his third wife, however the two eventually got divorced. He wed Christina Estrada, a former Pirelli Calendar model, as his fourth wife in the year 2000. Additionally, he wed Heather Murphy.

Howard Kerzner, Brandon Kerzner, Andrea Kerzner, Chantal Kerzner, and Beverly Kerzner were the five kids that Sol Kerzner had.

Sol Kerzner Controversies, collusion and apartheid involvement

Leslie Young, the bantustan of Bophutatswana’s Minister of Finance, and Kerzner struck an agreement in 1984 that guaranteed tax deductions for Sun International’s investments that promoted apartheid abroad. Due to tax loopholes, Sun International barely paid any taxes in South Africa.

According to a 1987 deal between Young and Kerzner, any artist earning more than R26,000 must give half of their salary to Bophutatswana, and the remaining 10% will go to Sun International.

Alan Greenblo was prohibited from publishing Kerzner – Unauthorized, a biography of Kerzner, in 1997. Kerzner requested that specific passages from the book be deleted, but Witwatersrand Judge Monas Flemming forbade it. The same year, Noseweek released portions of the book.

The “little black book” of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, which attracted notoriety after Epstein’s conviction and passing, contained a contact for Kerzner.

Sol Kerzner Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Sol Kerzner is $600 million. He is a Canadian entrepreneur of South African descent and the founder and chairman of Kerzner International, a chain of opulent hotels and casinos.

What was Sol Kerzner net worth when he died?

At the time of his passing in 2020, Solomon Kerzner, KCMG, a South African businessman and accountant, had a net worth of $600 million.

Who owns Sun City hotel?

Sol Kerzner founded the South African company Sun International Hotels Limited, which is well known for its Sun City Resort in the North West Province, close to Rustenburg.

How did Sol Kerzner make his money?

The Southern Sun Hotel Group and Sun International, the two biggest hotel chains in South Africa, were both created by him. In addition, he founded, served as chairman, and led Kerzner International. He was embroiled in numerous political and commercial conflicts throughout his career in the resort industry.


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