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Jide Kosoko Biography

Jide Kosoko (born January 12, 1954) is a Nigerian actor, director, and producer. He was born into a royal family, hence his traditional title is prince or “omoba” in the Yoruba language.

Jide Kosoko is a Nigerian actor, producer, and director. He started his professional career at the age of ten and has worked in the Nollywood industry for over five decades. Jide is a pioneer of Yoruba cinema and has been in a number of them. He is also a versatile artist who does an excellent job in his position.

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Full Name: Omoba Babajide Kosoko
Stage Name: Jide Kosoko
Born: 12 January 1954 (age 70 years old)
Place of Birth: Lagos Island, Lagos
State Of Origin: Lagos State
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: Yaba College of Technology
Height: 1.71 m
Parents: Kosoko Royal family
Siblings: Idowu Ojulari Kosoko, Olufunmi Kosoko, Odunsi Kosoko, Ladega Kosoko, Ogunbambi Kosoko, Akinsanya Kosoko, Ogunjobi Kosoko, Akimosa Kosoko, Ibiyemi Kosoko, Adebajo Kosoko, Matimoju Kosoko, Adeniyi Kosoko, Isiyemi Kosoko, Igbalu Kosoko, Oresanya Kosoko, Idewu-Ojulari Kosoko,
Spouse: Henrietta Kosoko (m. ?-2016), Karimat Kosoko
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: Bidemi Kosoko, Shola Kosoko, Temilade Kosoko, Tunji Kosoko, Muyiwa Kosoko, Tunde Kosoko
Occupation: Actor • Producer
Net Worth: $700,000 (USD)
Jide Kosoko's Early Life and Education
        Jide Kosoko’s Early Life and Education

Jide Kosoko’s Early Life and Education

Prince Jide Kosoko was born in Lagos on January 12, 1954, into the Lagos Island royal dynasty.

He was raised in Ebute Metta, Lagos, and attended Yaba College of Education, where he studied Business Administration. Also, at the age of 60, Jide entered Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, where he studied Performing Arts.

Jide Kosoko Career
                               Jide Kosoko Career

Jide Kosoko Career

Prince Jide Kosoko studied business administration at Yaba College of Technology. In 1964, he made his acting debut as a child in the television series Makanjuola. He has appeared in various Nollywood films in both the English and Yoruba languages.

Jide Kosoko grew up in Ebute Metta and was motivated by Hubert Ogunde’s enormous success to pursue a career in acting when an acquaintance who worked with the Ifelodun traveling theater troupe invited him to an audition for a role in Makanjuola, a telemovie. Jide Kosoko received the offer, went to the audition, and was cast as a character named Alabi. Kosoko maintained his acting career, performing with the Awada Kerikeri ensemble (Sunday Omobolanle, Lanre Hassan, and Oga Bello) and making guest appearances on the TV show New Masquerade. In 1972, he established his theatrical ensemble.

Jide Kosoko has written and produced his films and theater plays, including Ogun Ahoyaya. Kosoko rose to prominence during the video cinema era, making his film, Asiri n la, in 1992, and appearing in Asewo to Re Mecca and Tunde Kelani’s Ti Oluwa Ni’Le Part 2.


Prince Jide Kosoko is an advocate for the popular juice manufacturer Chivita. In 2016, he backed MeritAbode Limited, which owns Emerald Estate. Kosoko is also one of the brand ambassadors for Western Lotto, based in Nigeria.

Awards and nominations

In 2021, the Abuja International Film Festival recognized Kosoko as the Outstanding Male Actor in Love Castle.

Jide Kosoko Net Worth

Austine Media assessed his net worth as $700,000. Jide Kososko is one of the most wealthy and influential actors in the film industry.

He is an ambassador for Chivita, a prominent juice production firm. In 2016, he endorsed MeritAbode Limited, which owns Emerald Estate. He also became a brand ambassador for Western Lotto in 2017. He inked the deal alongside other notable entertainers such as Olu Jacobs, Osita Iheme, Zack Orji, Ramsey Nouah, Alex Usifo, 2face, Olamide, and AY Makun.

Jide Kosoko Personal life

Prince Jide Kosoko is married to two spouses, Karimat and Henrietta, and has children and grandkids.

He is known as the biological father of six children: Bidemi, Shola, Temilade, Tunji, Muyiwa, and Tunde Kosoko.

Jide Kosoko’s wife and kids

Initially, the actor had four wives, but three of them died. His current wife is Alhaja Karimat.

The actor has twelve children. However, only a few are known to the general population. Jide Kosoko’s children are Bidemi, Shola, Temilade, Tunji, Muyiwa, and Tunde. Bidemi is one of Jide Kosoko’s daughters who have followed in his footsteps to become actors.

Jide Kosoko Awards & Nominations
          Jide Kosoko Awards & Nominations

Jide Kosoko Awards & Nominations

  • 2017: City People Movie Awards – Lifetime Achievement Award (Image of City People Movie Awards trophy)
  • 2018: City People Movie Awards – Special Recognition Award (Image of City People Movie Awards trophy)
  • 2021: Abuja International Film Festival – Outstanding Male Actor in “Love Castle” (Image of Abuja International Film Festival logo)
  • (Year not specified): Nigeria Entertainment Award – Best Supporting Actor
  • (Year not specified): Nigeria Entertainment Award – Best Actor (Indigenous)

Jide Kosoko Social Media

  • Instagram: @princejidekosoko
  • Twitter: @jideprince
  • Facebook: officialjidekosoko

Jide Kosoko Filmography

  • 50/50 (1992)
  • Nkan La (1992)
  • Asiri-nla (Top Secret)[20] (1993) (also director)
  • Ibi ọmọ (Child’s Placenta) (1993)
  • Oro Nla (1993)
  • Aiye Ma Le (1994)
  • Ajeji (Stranger) (1994)
  • Anike Banana (1994)
  • Arewa Okunrun (Queen of the Dark) (1994)
  • Aye Lọja[26] (1994?) (also producer)
  • Eya (The Duplicate) (1994?) (also writer)
  • Glamour Girls (1994)
  • Iṣẹdalẹ (Tradition) (1994) (director and writer only)
  • Iya Buruku (The Bad Mother) (1994)
  • Iyawo Alarede (The Legal Wife) (1994?) (director only)
  • Iyawo Alhaji (The Story of Society in Decay) (1994)
  • Morẹnikẹ Alagolo (1994?) (also writer and producer)
  • Ọkọ Iya (Step Father) (1994) (also writer)
  • Olaiyonu (Evils of Fortune) (1994)
  • Olorun Anu (The Merciful God) (1994)
  • Adegbesan (1995)
  • Agbelebu (1995) (also writer)
  • Ala Otito (True Dream) (1995)
  • Alamojuto (Caretaker) (1995)
  • Aye Olaju (Civilisation) (1995?)
  • Bantale (1995?) (also director)
  • Bukọla ọmọ daddy (1995?)
  • Bus Conductor (1995) (writer only)
  • Danfo Driver (1995) (also director and writer)
  • Deadly Affair (1995)
  • Diamond (1995?)
  • Dr Brown (1995)
  • Edunjobi (Twins) (1995) (also director and writer)
  • Eni Bi Okan (1995)
  • Ẹran ìyà (Scape Goat) (1995)
  • Ipo-ola (1995) (writer only)
  • Irawo Mi (My Star) (1995)
  • Itunu (Consolation) (1995?)
  • Koseegbe (1995)
  • Omo-olorire (Lucky Boy) (1995) (also director)
  • Adesewa (1996?) (director only)
  • Adetoun (1996)
  • Afomo (1996) (director and writer only)
  • Agbekele[52] (1996)
  • Aje Igboro (1996)
  • Arole[54] (1996) (also director and writer)
  • Ayo Ayo-Ju (Excessive Joy) (1996?)
  • B’aiyetigba (1996) (also director)
  • Binta My Daughter (1996)
  • Bolanle (1996)
  • Epon Agbo (1996)
  • In the Name of the Father (1996)
  • Lady Terror (1996) (also director)
  • Nemesis (1996) (also director and writer)
  • Never Again (1996)
  • Ohun Eniyan (Voice of the People) (1996)
  • Ojo Ayo (1996?)
  • Aiyedun[55] (1997?)
  • Alaba Meta (1997) (also director and writer)
  • Alejo Pataki (1997)
  • Aya Rere (The Good Bride) (1997)
  • Ere-Ese (1997)
  • Fake Dollars (1997?)
  • Ina-ife (1997)
  • Iku-Arewa (Death of a Queen) (1997?) (also director)
  • Pam Pam: From the Adventure of Lokko and Mambo (1997)
  • Soko Soja (1997) (also writer)
  • Area Father (1998)
  • Enulebo (1998?) (also director)
  • Highway to the Grave (2000)
  • Stupid! (2002)
  • Mr. President (Ààrẹ Apàsẹ Wàá) (2004)
  • Afefe Ti Fe… (2005) (also director)
  • Omorewa (2005?)
  • Jenifa (2008)
  • The Figurine (2009)
  • I’ll Take My Chances (2011)
  • Last Flight to Abuja (2012)
  • The Meeting (2012)
  • Doctor Bello (2013)
  • Dining with a Long Spoon (2014)
  • Gidi Up (2014) (TV Series)
  • Out of Luck (2015)
  • The Department (2015)
  • Hourglass (2016)
  • Alter Ego 1 (2017)
  • In Love Again (1997)
  • The Royal Hibiscus Hotel (2017)
  • One Lover Two Hearts (2017)
  • The Third Chance (2017)
  • Ghetto Bred (2018)
  • King of Boys (2018)
  • Kasala (2018)
  • Power of 1 (2018)
  • Stronger Together (2018)
  • Akpe: Return of the Beast (2019)
  • Bling Lagosians (2019)
  • House 69 (2019)
  • Love is War (2019)
  • Made in Heaven (2019)
  • Merrymen (2019)
  • More Than Just 4 Letters (2019)
  • Sugar Rush (2019)
  • Two Weeks in Lagos (2019)
  • The White Shadow (2019)
  • Dear Affy (2020)
  • Day of Destiny (2020)
  • Shadow Parties (2020)
  • Breaded Life (2021)
  • Love Castle (2021)
  • Kiki’s Dilemma (2021)
  • The Mystic River (2021) – Nigerian Series
  • Shadow Parties (2021)
  • Elesin Oba, The King’s Horseman (2022)
  • Rising City of Dreams (2022)
  • The Stand Up (2022)
  • The Wildflower (2022)
  • Atunwa (2023)
  • A Bag of Trouble (2023)
Jide Kosoko Quotes
                      Jide Kosoko Quotes

Jide Kosoko Quotes

“Upgrading is important; people need to train continuously to ensure that their skills don’t become outdated.”

“Ambition will make people establish other associations, and it will make them think they have better ideas than their leaders.”

“If you want to be a successful actor, then get trained regardless of how talented you think you are.”

“An actor must be versatile regardless of the language barrier.”

“In addition to being a star, you must always look your best. “You must be presentable.”

“Endeavour to do well, don’t cut corners, there will surely be a way when there is consistency.”

Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Life Of Jide Kosoko

In an interview with Jide, he highlighted his ability to act and read screenplays written in any language. He feels that every artist should learn to diversify because that is what talent entails.

Additionally, entrepreneurs should be open-minded and diversify their businesses as quickly as feasible.


Despite public criticism, Jide has demonstrated remarkable resilience, particularly following the death of his wife Henrietta. He was dubbed a ritualist and other names, but he never let it stop him from pursuing his career.

Similarly, entrepreneurs should not be discouraged when the public comes to them. You must first believe in yourself, and then stick to your dreams. will increase your business’s visibility and establish your brand as the chosen choice. Contact us today to gain access to our network of entrepreneurs and business executives.

Where is Jide Kosoko from?

Prince Jide Kosoko was born in Lagos on January 12, 1954, into the Lagos Island royal dynasty.

How many children does Jide Kosoko have?

The actor has worked hard in the film industry and is admired by both his colleagues and his fans. According to reports, the veteran has six biological children: Bidemi, Shola, Temilade, Tunji, Muyiwa, and Tunde Kosoko. Happy birthday to me!

What is the educational background of Jide Kosoko?

Jide Kosoko is a Nigerian actor and filmmaker. He was born on January 12, 1954, in Lagos to the Kosoko royal dynasty of Lagos Island. He studied business administration at Yaba College of Technology. In 1964, he made his acting debut as a child in the television series Makanjuola.

How is Adekunle Gold related to Jide Kosoko?

Gold was born Omoba Adekunle Kosoko in Lagos State’s royal dynasty, where he holds the title of prince. He is the nephew of Prince Jide Kosoko, a globally recognized “Nollywood” actor. Gold’s parents were Muslim, but they gave their four children entire religious freedom.

How many wives has Jide Kosoko lost?

Jide Kosoko, an acclaimed actor, has denied suggestions that he may marry again following the deaths of his three wives. Kosoko lost his third wife, actress Henrietta, one week after she turned 52. She died after a short fight with diabetes.

When did Jide Kosoko start acting?

Kosoko started performing when he was 10 years old, in 1964. He performed in a theater production called Makanjuola. Jide was invited to an audition for the lead role in the play, and he was lucky to be chosen. The Ifelodun Traveling Theatre Group staged the theatrical play Makanjuola.

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