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Hannatu Musawa Biography

Hannatu Musawa is an attorney, politician, and writer from Nigeria. She currently serves as the All Progressives Congress’s (APC) deputy spokesman.

Hannatu Musawa, who is from Katsina state in northern Nigeria, is the daughter of renowned politician Alhaji Musa Musawa.

Hannatu Musawa is a qualified solicitor in England & Wales, the United Kingdom, as well as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.


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Hannatu Musawa profile

Name: Hannatu Musa Musawa


Date of birth: N/A

Age: N/A

State of origin: Katsina state

Nationality: Nigerian

Profession: Lawyer, Politician and Author

Party: All progressives congress (APC)

Net worth: $500,000

Hannatu Musawa biography (Early life)

Hannatu Musawa’s father, veteran politician Alhaji Musa Musawa, comes from the northern Nigerian state of Katsina. She is Hausa/Fulani by tribe and comes from a Muslim household.

Her family has a large fortune.

Hannatu Musawa education

Hannatu Musawa earned a law degree from the University of Buckingham in the United Kingdom. She graduated from the University of Cardiff in Wales with a postgraduate Master’s degree in the legal elements of marine affairs.

She also holds an Oil & Gas Master’s degree from the University of Aberdeen.

Hannatu Musawa career

Hannatu Musawa is a qualified solicitor in England & Wales, the United Kingdom, as well as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators recognizes her as a member.

Hannatu previously worked with the law office of the late chief Akpamgbo as a litigation attorney and legal counsel to several private firms. The company Hanney Musawa & colleagues was created by Hannatu.

Hannatu Musawa politics

Over the years, Hannatu Musawa has been actively involved in politics. In her native Katsina, she ran for a seat in the federal house of representatives.

She once served as the prosecutor’s team’s lead attorney in the 2003 presidential election petition involving Buhari and Olusegun Obasanjo as a political activist.

On August 4th, 2022, she was chosen to serve as the APC’s deputy spokeswoman for the Tinubu presidential campaign.

Hannatu Musawa husband

Hannatu Musawa is wed and has children.

Hannatu Musawa net worth

The estimated net worth of Hannatu Musawa is $500,000.


From her early years in Katsina to her achievements in law, politics, and advocacy, Hannatu Musawa has exemplified the virtues of hard work and commitment to making a positive impact in society. As she continues her journey in the realm of politics and public service, Hannatu Musawa continues to be an influential figure shaping the future of Nigeria’s socio-political landscape.

What state is Hannatu Musawa from?

Hannatu Musawa is a native of Katsina state, which is located in northern Nigeria.

Is Hannatu Musawa married?

Hannatu Musawa is indeed a happy married woman with children.

What is Hannatu Musawa’s net worth?

The estimated value of Hannatu Musawa’s net worth is $500,000.

What are Hannatu Musawa’s educational qualifications?

Hannatu has degrees in law from the University of Buckingham in the United Kingdom, in legal aspects of marine affairs from the University of Cardiff in Wales, and in oil and gas from the University of Aberdeen.

What is Hannatu Musawa’s role in the All Progressives Congress (APC)?

The All Progressives Congress’ (APC) current deputy spokesperson is Hannatu Musawa.

Who is Hannatu Musawa’s father?

Alhaji Musa Musawa is the father of Hannatu Musawa.

Hannatu Musawa works where?

Newly appointed Federal Republic of Nigeria Minister Hannatu is awaiting Senate approval.



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