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Precious Gaza Biography

Precious Gaza has played a key role in the creation of workshops for young digital entrepreneurs that are intended to improve understanding of the mindset and company as well as how to maintain overall healthy business performance. She has trained, coached, and instructed more than 5000 people in less than two years.

She tells the Guardian Life how being a warrior affected her career decision and how the multi-billion dollar industry of digital entrepreneurship remains largely untapped by Nigerians. Sickle warrior and advocate, she works to raise awareness of the condition and assist other warriors find fulfillment and joy out of life despite their struggles.

A Relocation Story

In a lighthearted account of her decision to return to Nigeria, Gaza emphasizes that it wasn’t because her visa had run out but rather because she was passionate about helping her own nation.

Coping with Sickle Cell

The emotional intelligence coach shares her experiences with melancholy and hopelessness as she discusses her battle with sickle cell illness. She does, however, emphasize that her experience has brought her to a position of strength and thankfulness, inspiring her to pursue her goals despite the challenges.

Inspiring the Path of an Emotional Intelligence Coach

Gaza’s realization of the need of emotional intelligence in her personal journey was a turning point in her life. She realized the importance of it and felt obligated to tell others about it. Gaza explains how she began her coaching profession by producing material, which eventually attracted clients looking for her counsel.

Building an Online Community

Gaza credits her openness, consistency, and possibly a dash of serendipity for her success in creating an online community. She also jokingly admits that her charisma might be a contributing factor.

Advocacy for Education

Gaza discusses her enthusiasm for educational reform in her capacity as an advocate for education. She discusses her involvement in educating marginalized communities in Northern Nigeria about practical knowledge and skills as well as her aim to guarantee underprivileged kids have access to high-quality education.

A Journey of Impact

Aiding internally displaced youngsters with their specialized educational requirements marked the beginning of Gaza’s advocacy journey. She goes into detail about some of the noteworthy projects she has led, such as providing school supplies for girls from displaced families and organizing discussions on parenting ethics and mental health.

Embracing Life Without Regrets

Gaza firmly responds that she wouldn’t change a thing when asked what she would do differently. She is the person she is today as a result of all of her experiences.

A Multifaceted Inspiration

Gaza is inspired by everything around her, including her surroundings, the people she interacts with, the difficulties she encounters, and even by herself.

Confronting Trolls on Social Media

Gaza describes how she deals with trolls on social media: she chooses not to interact with them. She decides not to be affected by the hostility of trolls because she is aware that they frequently project their own insecurities onto others.

Words of Wisdom for Young Girls

Gaza gives young girls empowering counsel, emphasizing that they are sufficient and that they should never seek for affection.

Vision for the Future

Gaza doesn’t like set goals, but she dreams of being happily married, a leader in her industry, and having even more of an impact on people’s lives than she now does.


The life story of Precious Gaza is a testimonial to the importance of emotional intelligence and the positive effects it may have on a person’s outlook on life. Gaza’s narrative is one of tenacity, resilience, and a desire to make a positive change, from her battle with sickle cell to her fight for education. She continues to motivate and inspire others as an emotional intelligence coach as they pursue their own successful lives.

Can We Meet You, Please?

Precious Gaza presents herself as a proud Gbagyi from FCT, Abuja. She graduated with a BSC in International Relations and Diplomacy from Baze University in Abuja, and she is currently enrolled at Liverpool John Moores University to pursue a Post-Graduate Diploma.

Take us through your journey up to finding yourself in digital coaching?

I wanted to pursue a career in development while I was studying for my master’s degree in the UK. The United Nations was a lofty goal for me, but it did not pan out well since every time I obtained employment with a renowned non-profit organization, I would be fired due to health reasons. I was always getting sick. Being a sickle cell warrior made it difficult for me to hold a job for more than three months. That’s when I realized I needed to pursue a career that would allow me to take time off for my health as needed without having to answer to anyone.

I once tweeted at random, “Please, if you make money while you sleep, show me how.” My life was changed by a four-hour call with my mentor, Brenda (Moments With Bren on Twitter), after she sent me a direct message. She essentially offered me a road map for how to capitalize on the skills I already have. That was how the trip got started.

Would you say being a warrior has limited or affected your career choice?

It most certainly did. Based on my skills, digital coaching was the professional choice for me because I wanted to go at my own speed. I choose how many customers I take on each month and designate specific weeks to disconnect from technology and just relax. I can’t get that from a 9 to 5 job.

What five major things should a woman entrepreneur do/avoid to build and sustain a successful business?

Believing that your business idea can be done and will be successful is the first step. Develop a success-driven mindset. You could use this when times are difficult.

The second is to deliberately work on developing self-awareness. With self-awareness, you are able to comprehend who you are, your company, and what benefits you based on your individuality and worth. You wouldn’t allow outside influences to readily persuade you. You’ll be able to focus better thanks to this.

Plan beforehand. Write down exactly what you hope to accomplish with your company, your precise target market, and the precise income you hope to obtain.

Spend money on improving yourself. Don’t undervalue the influence of working with a business coach or mentor. A coach’s job is to prevent mistakes from happening. You conserve time by adhering to a practical structure or procedure.

Monitor development. Review your actions and make any necessary adjustments. Be receptive to suggestions for improvement from reliable sources.

You said you have trained over 5000 people in two years, of this number, how many are still thriving?

You’re aware that only one of the ten lepers Jesus healed returned to offer gratitude? That is occasionally the case. When you ask for a progress report after delivering a course, only about 10 or 5 people at a time respond. I stay with those that are dedicated to developing themselves. Not everyone who has received training from me has done so with the goal of putting all that they have learned to use. As a result, they may feel embarrassed about their lack of success and disappear; this does happen.

Apart from being a business coach, you’re also an emotional intelligence coach. What does this mean?

This means that I support people in developing resilience and a growth mentality. I assist clients with organizing, planning, and crystallizing their thoughts. which enables individuals to set better objectives, be more effective, make better choices, and make the most of their strongest suit.

What ways are you working to bring awareness and advocacy to sickle cell disease in Nigeria?

Storytelling is still, in my opinion, a really effective technique for campaigning. That’s what I’ve been doing, and thus far it’s worked out rather well. I encourage other sickle cell warriors to do likewise by sharing their own real-life experiences and dispelling falsehoods. We would find better solutions if there was more awareness.

What keeps you going and positive during the times you feel like giving up?

I don’t push myself to be optimistic. I think it’s important to let myself experience the emotions I’m having at the time. The issue is with the behavior brought on by the emotions, not the feelings themselves. It’s okay if you want to give up; that is common. What do you do, though? The end? Absolutely not me. I never want to be impoverished, for one thing. I also consider the kind of life I wish to lead. one that is impactful and enjoyable. Money is necessary for all of that.

So even though I don’t always feel good, I decide to go to work since I am aware of my future plans. I am aware that things aren’t always perfect, but that’s okay.

Who is precious Gaza?

She is a customer success manager, community builder, and sickle cell advocate, according to Gaza’s LinkedIn profile. Gaza, who also has sickle cell disease, gained notoriety for her efforts as an advocate for the condition.


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