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Sphelele Mzimela Biography

Sphelele Mzimela is a South African actress and businesswoman who was born on September 29, 1990s.

She rose to fame for portraying Mazaza in the well-known South African television series Uzalo.

Her appearance as Kentucky in the Isibaya television series is another series feature that solidified her reputation.

Sphelele Mzimela Profile

Name Sphelele Mzimela
Gender Female
Place of birth Kwazulu-Natal
Education Television production
National Diploma
Alma mater AFDA, Durban University of Technology
Profession Actress
Popular role Mazaza from Uzalo

Sphelele Mzimela Early Life

On September 29, Sphelele Mzimela was born in Empangeni, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

Her grandma raised her in the township of Enyoni. Thembelihle Nzuza and Zenzele Mzimela are her parents. Zenzele Mzimela, her mother, is a prominent chartered accountant. The younger sisters of Sphelele are Xabiso Mzimela and Snothile Mzimela.

She has a lifelong passion for all things related to entertainment and knew from a young age that she wanted to work in television. Leleti Khumalo performed the major role in the movie Yesterday, and she was a big admirer. This stoked her interest in acting and the entertainment industry, and she started pursuing it.

Sphelele Mzimela Education

In Kwazulu-Natal, Sphelele Mzimela finished both her primary and secondary education.

The prestigious AFDA Academy (The South African School of Motion Picture Media and live performance), where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in television production, is well-known.

She then graduated from the Durban University of Technology with a National Diploma in Drama.

Sphelele Mzimela Baby Daddy

The actress sparked a lot of conversation when she posted a photo of a dapper-looking man holding her twins.

Here is a picture of the three people who know me best, she wrote in the caption.

Sphelele Mzimela Career

She was hired as Kentucky on the television series Isibaya in 2015, and Sphelele Mzimela helped her get her start in the entertainment business.

She most recently played the part of Mazaza on Uzalo, but due to her pregnancy, she was replaced.

She is presently taking a hiatus from acting due to her newborn children, but she plans to come back strongly soon.

Sphelele Mzimela Uzalo

She became well-known in South Africa for her portrayal as Mazaza in the hit television show Uzalo.

The actress was replaced by Mpume Ngwenya following her pregnancy. She played Kentucky in Isibaya, where she also made an appearance.

Sphelele Mzimela Pregnancy

She said that she is expecting twins after a difficult period of trying to get pregnant.

She opened up to Move! Magazine about her prolonged infertility struggles.

Further, Sphelele claimed that she did not see a doctor to learn the cause of her infertility.

She cited the fact that receiving a true diagnosis of infertility would have been devastating to her.

She announced her pregnancy with twins on Instagram to her admirers.

Sphelele Mzimela Twins

A few weeks after the birth of her twins, Sphelele made the decision to host a special party for them.

She had wanted to host a baby shower prior to the birth of her children, but the Covid-19 outbreak and her health forced her to postpone it.

The actress opted to celebrate her babies after the nationwide lockdown relaxed.

She posted pictures of the twins’ welcome party in Sundumbili, KwaZulu-Natal.

Her immediate family and close friends joined her in celebrating.

Sphelele Mzimela Social Media

You can follow Sphelele Mzimela on Instagram at @sphelelemzimela.

She has a fan base that is continually expanding and has over 82 thousand followers.

Sphelele Mzimela Personal Life

Despite not being married right now, Sphelele Mzimela has kids. She gave birth to twins in 2020.

After the lockdown, she hosted a celebration for her new babies with friends and other actors in Sundumbili, KwaZulu-Natal. She still hasn’t named the infants’ father.
She admitted to Move Magazine that she had trouble becoming pregnant and that she had declined to get a diagnostic because she couldn’t handle receiving bad news.

After three years of playing, Emily astonished her mother by buying her first car in 2018.

She is currently developing preparations to launch a non-governmental organization to support and equip young girls with the skills they need for life because she has a passion for them.

She is a very private person and has yet to share the name of her baby’s father or the year she was born. This may be due to her strong religious convictions.

It’s thought that Sphelele Mzimela is in her mid-20s.

Sphelele Mzimela Net Worth

Sphelele Mzimela’s five years of performing have contributed to her projected $300,000–$750,000 net worth.


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