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Connie Ferguson Biography

Connie Ferguson is a South African actress and producer who was born on June 10th, 1970 in Kimberly, Northern Cape. She is best known for her roles as Karabo Moroka in the SABC soap opera Generations and Harriet Khoza in the Mzansi Magic soap opera The Queen.

She also received widespread acclaim for the role of Harriet Khoza in the Mzansi Magic soap opera drama The Queen.

Karabo Moroka was represented by Connie Ferguson in the acclaimed television series Generations.


Birth / Real Name:
Connie (Masilo) Ferguson
Date of Birth
10 June 1970 (age 52 years)
Place of Birth
Kimberly, Northern Cape
South African
Shona Ferguson (m. 2011)

Connie Ferguson Age

Her birthplace is Kimberly, Northern Cape, South Africa, and she was born on June 10, 1970. The age of Connie Ferguson is 51.

Connie Ferguson Early Life

Connie Ferguson was born on June 10, 1970, in Kimberly, Northern Cape, South Africa, at the beginning of the 1970s.


Her faith is in Christ.

Fish Masilo, her father, and Margaret Masilo, her mother, raised her.

After a brief illness, Connie Ferguson’s mother passed away in 2013, while her father is still very much alive.

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She had a love of performing and dancing as a child.

Connie Ferguson Education

After completing her primary school, Connie Ferguson enrolled in a university to study law.

She chose to study criminal law, however it was said that she failed the subject horribly.

She subsequently made the decision to pursue a career in drama, which she did successfully. She earned a degree in drama and performing arts from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2012–2013.

Connie Ferguson Career

Veteran South African actor, producer, and scriptwriter Connie Ferguson works in several fields. She achieved success in the SABC soap opera drama Generations, where she appeared from the first episode in February 1994 to October 2010.

In parts 1-4 of Maitemogelo and Soul City, she played the main character. Another big role was secured by her in What If, Crime Reporter. She was chosen as a lead performer once more and appeared in Okavango in the film Cape of Good Hope.

Besides Lasilo Rula 2, she also participated in the filming of Danger Zone, The Right Track, Suburban, and Matawakabele parts 2 and 3.

Additionally, Connie Ferguson appeared on TV shows. A few of these include Continuity- CCV, SABC 2, Eduspectrum, Molomo, Radiopotso, Handy Hints, and Plascon Change Your World.

She has starred in numerous commercials throughout her long career, including those for Ellerines from 1990 to 1995, Ultramel Custard in 1992 and 1995, Black Like Me in 1998, and numerous others.

Additionally, she works as a model for Vodacom, Eskamel, Wella Sheen, and Black Chic among other fashion brands.

In 2013, she produced her first motion picture. producing and performing in the Rockville drama series. A Mzansi Magic soap opera drama series is called Rockville.

The dedication and effort of Connie Ferguson have not gone unnoticed.

She was honored in 1993 as one of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Top Ten Most Beautiful Women in South Africa.

She also appeared in David Dodd’s list of the most stunning women in South Africa.

Connie Ferguson Family

She was a member of Margaret and Fish Masilo’s family at birth. She lost her mother Margaret in 2013. On her mother’s birthday, the actress never forgets to honor her.

Connie grew up in a close-knit household that cooperates on projects. Atoise Pilane, her younger sister, is her. Her sister always compliments her and praises her for setting a positive example throughout her life.

Connie Ferguson Husband

The actress married fellow actor Neo Matsunyane in 1993. Five years into their union, the pair decided to call it quits in 1998. A girl named Lesedi Matsunyane was born into their union in 1992.

She wed Shona Ferguson after spending three years as a divorcee. Alicia Angel Ferguson, who was born in 2002, is a daughter they have together thanks to the love they shared.

Connie Ferguson Personal Life

A widow, Connie Ferguson is.

She was married to the late actor and Ferguson films co-founder Aaron Shona Ferguson.

At the age of 47, Shona Ferguson passed away from COVID-19 complications on July 30, 2021.

His passing had a severe impact on the family. Alicia Angel Ferguson, a daughter from the marriage, was born in June 2002.

Connie Ferguson had a spouse named Neo Matsunyane before she wed the late Shona Ferguson. They had a daughter on December 30, 1992, who was named Lesedi Matsunyane.

But in 1998, the couple filed for divorce.

Connie Ferguson Social Media

Connie Ferguson uses her Instagram account as her channel for keeping her followers informed. Follow her Instagram updates.


Connie Ferguson Net Worth

Connie Ferguson is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist in addition to being an actress.

She is well-known in the African film industry and is thought to be worth $2 million.

Connie Ferguson receives a monthly income of approximately R75,000.

She has been given ambassadorial duties and models and advertises for well-known businesses.

Connie Ferguson Filmography

Connie Ferguson has appeared in numerous films, dramas, and TV episodes. Some of her most well-known and highly regarded films are included in the list below.

  • Generations (1994)
  • Solly loves Kina(2002)
  • Comedy Central Router (2010)
  • Rockville (2015)
  • The Queen (2016).

Connie Ferguson Company

A television firm called Ferguson Films was established in 2010 by Connie and Shona. Three years later, M-Net ordered Rockville, the company’s debut production.

In addition, they have produced iGazi, The Throne, The Queen, and The Gift. The Imposter and The River are only two of the popular series that the firm has developed.

Additionally, Connie and her husband Shona frequently feature in their shows. The actress was given the role of Harriet Khoza in The Queen.

Her contribution to the nation’s entertainment sector has been acknowledged. She was nominated for several SAFTA awards in 2018. She started a fragrance company called True Self in 200. In 2014, she launched a lotion after six years.

Connie Ferguson Achievements

She has won numerous awards, which is evidence that Connie is having a significant impact on the industry. She was selected by Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of South Africa’s Top Ten Beautiful Women in 1993.

Connie has also appeared on the covers of other prestigious publications, such as Forbes Africa. She was also depicted in David Dodd’s portraits of the most stunning ladies in South Africa.

Does Connie Ferguson have a biological child?

How many children does Connie Ferguson have biologically? He is the biological father of Alicia, a daughter. Lesedi was a child of Connie’s first union with actor Neo Matsunyane.

How did the Fergusons get rich?

Along with her unrivaled skill for acting and modeling, Connie Ferguson possesses a keen business sense that has enabled her to start a number of lucrative ventures that have increased her net worth. Ferguson Films was established by Connie Ferguson and her late husband Shona Ferguson in 2010.

How does Connie Ferguson make money?

She is a seasoned actress with a more than 30-year career, as well as a successful businesswoman, model, and executive producer. Her work has garnered her countless nominations and prizes, increasing her substantial net worth.

Is Connie Ferguson married in real life?

Aaron Arthur Ferguson, also known by his stage name Shona Ferguson, was a Motswana actor who lived in South Africa. He also co-founded Ferguson Films with his wife, Connie Ferguson.

Does Connie Ferguson have a tattoo?

Connie Ferguson posted a video of her daughter Alicia Ferguson and her in the gym in an old Instagram story from May 24, 2021. Her sleeve was covered in a tattoo in the video.

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