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DJ PH Biography

Phind’Gcobe Madubela, better known by his stage name DJ PH, is a popular South African DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was born on September 6, 1987. He is a performer who excels at creating musical mashups.

He surprised and took South Africa by storm, and he constantly exudes excitement when he performs on stage. His distinct way of getting people to move to his beats has attracted a lot of interest.

Actually, DJ PH would rank among the top 5 DJs in all of South Africa. He has been a deejay for over 10 years and has never failed to keep the South African entertainment scene ablaze with his exceptional and distinctive Amapiano beats.


DJ PH is quickly rising to the top of the South African and African entertainment scene. In South Africa’s entertainment sector, the young guy has been successful in carving out a niche for himself.

Let’s have a sneak peek at some intriguing details about this fantastic and talented DJ.

DJ PH Profile


Name Phind’Gcobe Madubela
Other names DJ PH
Born 6 September (age 30s)
Eastern Cape
Nationality South African
Gender Male
Education Marketing
Alma mater Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Profession Disk Jockey
Net worth $500,000

DJ PH Birthday

DJ PH surprised everyone as he celebrated his birthday on September 6th, 2017. While most birthday celebrants anticipate receiving gifts, the deejay chose to give out on his special day.

He gave a deserving pupil R10,000 as a gift in honor of his birthday. Madubela desired to give money to someone’s schooling in honor of his thirtyth birthday.

People jumped at the chance and tried their luck. Over 400 emails were delivered to his inbox, which was overflowing. Even though he wanted he could assist every student, he would pick one.

DJ PH Early Life

Phind’Gcobe Madubela, often known as DJ PH, was born on September 6, 1987, one day before the start of the month. He was born in the South African Eastern Cape.

He had a difficult time growing up because he had worked so hard to get through that stage of his life. DJ PH was the youngest of the four children in a family of four when he was born.

He was raised in the Eastern Cape, where he was born, and had to work a few menial jobs to support himself because his parents couldn’t afford to pay for all of his necessities.

DJ PH Education

DJ PH attended a Boys Only School for his high school education and was quite engaged in athletics. He was an expert at swimming, tennis, and rugby matches.

Additionally, he was chosen to represent his classroom in sports. In addition to participating in athletics, DJ PH excelled at breakdancing in high school.

At the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, he pursued a marketing degree.

DJ PH Personal Life

Despite his “grass to grace” tale, DJ PH still likes to keep his love life and personal details out of the public eye.

When it comes to disclosing information about his private life, DJ PH is quite discreet. He hasn’t revealed anything about his wife, girlfriend, or romantic companion.

DJ PH Career

DJ PH was a sports-loving young guy while he was in high school; in fact, if you knew him from his early years, you may have assumed he would become a sportsman.

Contrarily, he is currently creating waves in the South African music scene. He was hired at “Anything Goes” in Cape Town after receiving his marketing certificate from the university.

Later, he decided to work as a DJ, where he started to showcase his abilities in bars and clubs. He gained experience working as a DJ, and with a little bit of work and his knowledge of marketing, he was able to sell some of the solo beats he produced. Additionally, he had the chance to work with a well-known company like the Jamieson Soul Session.

DJ PH moved to Johannesburg at the age of 24 and moved in with his older sister. After staying with his sister in Johannesburg for a few months, he started working as an intern at the national radio station 5FM. After that, he participated in an audition for a DJ search contest and finished as the first runner up.

Later, in 2016, DJ PH was chosen to serve as the station’s official DJ.

DJ PH Net Worth

TheCityCeleb still needs to completely determine DJ PH’s net worth. We can estimate his net worth at between US$30,000 and US$150,000 based on the sales of his songs and musically connected enterprises.

DJ PH Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @iam_ph

DJ PH Discography

  • Ride Wit Me
  • To da Core
  • M1 NYC
  • Harmony
  • Afrika
  • Come On (Funk Me Up)
  • Load It
  • Bills And Boogie
  • Clemence Harlem


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