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Dineo Langa biography

South African actress and television host Dineo Langa. She may not have entered the acting industry at the beginning, but she has made her mark and grown to be one of the most recognizable faces. She was born in 1987.

Some of her followers have started referring to her by her on-screen moniker because of how well-rounded her acting is and how appealing her on-screen persona is. Though she doesn’t much enjoy this.

But that doesn’t change the fact that she is a skilled actor.


Dineo Langa Profile

Basic Information

Stage Name: Dineo Langa
Real Name: Dineo Moeketsi
Occupation: Actress, TV Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: 20 July 1987 
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Solo Langa)
Education: New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music

Dineo Langa Age

Dineo Langa was born in 1987 and is currently 34 years old. In a couple of months, she will turn 35.

Dineo Langa Dineo Langa Education

She pursued her education in the Braamfontein, Johannesburg, National School of the Arts (NSA).


Dineo graduated in 2009 from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in Lower Manhattan, New York.

Dineo Langa Wedding

The union of the couple took place on September 14, 2019. Following their little, traditional wedding in May of the same year, the wedding ceremony took place.

A unique wedding TV program called Kwakuhle Kwethu featured the couple’s wedding.

Dineo Langa Boyfriend/Husband

Dineo Langa formerly had a romantic partner. However, that man—Ntsizwa Ka Mthimkhulu (Zothile Langa)—is now her husband.

Rapper Solo Langa has been releasing music for more than ten years under his own name. He apparently left his accounting studies at the University of Johannesburg to pursue music.

Dineo Langa House

Dineo Langa is renowned for keeping many aspects of her life private, but she would not tell you anything about her residence. While the majority of celebs would publish and yell about their most recent crib purchases, Dineo would want to keep hers a secret.

She is supposed to enjoy a respectable crib with her husband Solo despite the lack of enticing information about her home.

Dineo Langa Net Worth

What some people think of when most celebrities are mentioned is the inquiry, “What’s his or her net worth?” Dineo Ranaka, though, doesn’t give much thought to the issue of net worth.

She has been concentrating on her work and having an impact on those around her thus far. Despite this, it’s been reported that she has a net worth of $400k, which is not a bad amount by South African standards.

Dineo Langa Career

In 2011 and 2012, Dineo took over as host of the music magazine program O-Access.

After participating in the nationwide talent competition, she was awarded the position on the Channel O program.

On the Queen, Dineo was cast in the role of Kea Khoza. In the first season of Scandal, she made an appearance as Lindiwe.

She played Naledi in season three (3) of ScreenTime with Nicky Grenwal.

She also got the Shoki part on My Perfect Family, a popular family show in South Africa.

Dineo is well known as a host because he frequently hosts occasions even on red carpets.

Dineo Langa Movies

Dineo Langa has had an intriguing—some might perhaps say illustrious—career. She appeared on Scandal and The Queen after breaking onto the South African film industry.

She had portrayed Kea Khoza in The Queen. Curiously, some of her supporters began referring to her as Kea shortly after. She vehemently objected to the label, saying that fans should learn to recognize the difference between an on-screen persona and the real person—and respect that.

In order to prevent conflict, always refer to her as Dineo rather than the character she played whenever you encounter her.

Dineo Langa Child

Dineo Langa attended her friend’s baby shower in 2020, and because she published pictures from the event, rumors that she was expecting a kid spread swiftly.

Additionally, a journalist had implied that she was pregnant at that time because of how she appeared in a dress while sitting with her spouse. She had given the journalist the middle finger for the implication.

She was childless at the time. She still doesn’t have a child as of this writing.

Dineo Langa Brother

Although Dineo Langa keeps most aspects of her life secret, she never holds back when honoring her “big brother” Loyiso MacDonald and the progress they have made and the distance they still have to travel in their professional lives.

The relationship between Loyiso MacDonald and him cannot be proven to be genetic. As performers who have worked together, they most likely have a strong bond. Even still, most people are envious of their bond.

The Queen

Dineo plays the part of Keabetswe Khoza on the show, but it ended abruptly. The episode has drawn irate responses from the show’s viewers.

Her persona was involved in an accident where her vehicle caught fire. Many viewers were shocked and had to assume that she had passed away.

Her exit was viewed as weak by many spectators, who were unimpressed.

The Fergusons continued to bring the show’s creators into the discussion, condemning them for their recent character-writing tactics.

Dineo Langa Fired

The country was rocked by the news that she had been let go from The Queen. Dineo Langa has not been sacked, according to the showrunner Laura Nel, who spoke to Independent Online.

“Dineo’s contract was left in effect. She will continue to be paid until the end of May.

Dineo was given the all-clear to start filming her movie. She was on a ‘A’ narrative, therefore scripts had to be changed to account for this.

She was supposed to come back in April, but things have altered because of the lockdown.

When would Dineo be returning to The Queen, a disciple enquired. She responded, “I’m not coming back, I was fired,” which is ang’buyi mina ngaxoshwa in English.

Does dineo langa have a child?

They had dated for more than five years. Although they have not yet had children, now that they are married, everything is possible.

Where did dineo langa get married?

Capitol Hill
Dineo and Solo Langa, two of Mzansi’s favorite people, got married on Saturday in front of an amazing view at Embassy Hill in Constantia Valley, Cape Town. The couple’s spectacular white wedding was celebrated with their loved ones in a star-studded event.

When did Dineo and Solo get married?

The understated couple in Mzansi is Dineo and Solo Langa. The couple never bothers others and keeps to themselves. Nearly four months after their traditional, secret wedding in May, the couple wed on September 14, 2019, in a white wedding that took place roughly three to four years ago.


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