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Biography Of Captain Anshuman Singh

Captain Anshuman Singh Biography

Born in 1997, Captain Anshuman Singh was from the Uttar Pradesh village of Bardiha Dalpat in the Deoria district.

He was the youngest of three siblings—the other two being an older brother and sister—and the son of army veteran Subedar Ravi Pratap Singh.

He attended the residential Rashtriya Military School Chail in Himachal Pradesh for his education.


His interest in the Armed Forces developed while he was a student at the Rashtriya Military School, where he also set the groundwork for his future military career.

He was accepted to the esteemed AFMC Pune to pursue his medical degree after completing his education.

After graduating from the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, he joined the Indian Army to begin his career as a military member.


He received a commission into the Army Medical Corps, which serves the Indian Army’s medical needs in both times of peace and conflict.

He devoted his professional life to the admirable goal of helping his fellow soldiers by serving as an Army Medical Corps officer from the start of his career.

Following a period of service, on February 10, 2023, he wed Ms. Shristi Singh, an engineer by trade.

Captain Anshuman Singh Biography
Captain Anshuman Singh’s Biography


Name: Anshuman Singh

Service No: MS-20323K

Date of Birth: 1997

Place of birth: Deoria Dist (UP)

Service: Army

Last Rank: Captain

Arm/Regt: Army Medical Corps

Operation: CI & IS Ops

Awards: Kirti Chakra

Martyrdom: July 19, 2023

Fire Accident at Siachen Glacier: July 19, 2023

Captain Anshuman Singh was attached to the 403 Field Hospital of the 26 Punjab Battalion, which was stationed in Siachen Glacier, in July 2023.

During the winter, the area was impassable, and the men had to take great risks to man the advanced posts in hostile territory at elevations over 19,000 feet in adverse weather.

In addition to staffing assigned locations, the soldiers conducted routine patrols to keep an eye on the spaces between the manned checkpoints. As the regimental medical officer, Capt.

Anshuman Singh was in charge of providing medical attention to every soldier stationed in the region.

On July 19, 2023, at around three in the morning, a gunpowder of munitions caught fire dangerously close to Captain Anshuman’s bunker at the Chandan post.

It didn’t take long for Captain Anshuman to understand that many of his soldiers were inside and needed to be rescued.

He jumped into action, fully aware of the risks, without thinking about his safety in an attempt to save as many of his fellow soldiers as possible.

He boldly entered the damaged area, determined to find survivors and get them to safety, despite the dangerous conditions and the fire’s threat. Three of the seven troops who were rescued had suffered severe burns.

Three times, Capt. Anshuman entered the flaming FRP shelter to free the stranded men. But on his fourth attempt, he became trapped and was severely burned.

Sadly, Capt. Anshuman passed away from the ordeal after failing to recover from the severity of his wounds.

At the age of 26, Capt. Anshuman Singh gave his life in the service of his country.

He was a brave soldier and a distinguished commander who led from the front. Capt.

Anshuman Singh received the posthumous “Kirti Chakra,” the country’s second-highest peacetime gallantry honor, in recognition of his extraordinary bravery, commitment to duty, and selfless sacrifice.

Father Sub Ravi Pratap Singh (Retd), mother, and wife Smt Shristi Singh all survive Capt. Anshuman Singh.

Captain Anshuman Singh Biography
Captain Anshuman Singh’s Biography


He was given a “Kirti Chakra,” and the citation for it says as follows:

On March 19, 2020, Captain Anshuman Singh received his appointment in the Army Medical Corps.

As a Medical Officer for Chandan Complex during Operation MEGHDOOT, the Officer joined 26 PUNJAB.

There was a significant fire occurrence at Chandan Dropping Zone on July 19, 2023, during the night. After hearing the fire alarm, the cop quickly exited his Fiber Glass Hut.

From the nearby Fibre Glass Hut, which was engulfed in smoke and in danger of catching fire, he saved four or five people.

He pointed people in the direction of safety. Then he noticed that there was a fire raging through the Medical Investigation room.

He entered his Fiber Glass Hut to get the medical aid box, but the strong winds caused the flames to spread and engulf his shelter before he could escape. No matter how hard they tried, they were unable to save him.

Once the fire was extinguished, his deadly remains were recovered from the shelter.

With total disregard for his safety, Captain Anshuman Singh displayed extraordinary bravery and tenacity of the highest caliber.

Capt. Anshuman Singh receives the “KIRTI CHAKRA” for his bravery and selflessness, which epitomizes the best traditions of the Indian Army.

Captain Anshuman Singh Biography
Captain Anshuman Singh’s Biography

Smriti Singh, the widow of Captain Anshuman Singh, is awarded the Kirti Chakra. The reactions of Army veterans

Captain Anushman Singh’s first posting was as part of Operation Meghdoot, where he was assigned to Siachen.

Captain Anshuman Singh received the Kirti Chakra (posthumously) from President Droupadi Murmu on Friday in recognition of his valiant deeds that prevented a fellow Army member from dying in a fire.

The Army Medical Corps’ Captain Anshuman Singh, who works with the 26th Battalion of the Punjab Regiment, received an award for his “exceptional bravery and resolve to rescue many people in a major fire incident.”

India’s second-highest gallantry honor during peacetime is the Kirti Chakra.

Later, the Rashtrapati Bhavan posted images from the event on its official X account.

Captain Anshuman Singh, of the Army Medical Corps, 26th Battalion, Punjab Regiment, received the Kirti Chakra from President Droupadi Murmu posthumously.

He showed extraordinary bravery and drive to save many people in a catastrophic fire disaster, disregarding his safety,” the statement read.

Ten Kirti Chakras, including seven posthumously, were given by President Murmu to members of the Army and paramilitary forces in recognition of their unwavering bravery and exceptional valor while doing their duties.

At a defense investiture ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan, President Murmu, the Supreme Commander of the armed forces, also presented 26 Shaurya Chakras, including seven posthumously, to members of the armed forces, Central Armed Police Forces, and state/Union Territory police, according to a statement from the defense ministry.

After the Ashok and Kirti chakras, the Shaurya chakra is India’s third-highest peacetime gallantry medal.

A video from the award ceremony, which included Captain Anshuman Singh’s young widow accepting the gallantry award from President Droupadi Murmu, was uploaded by many Army veterans.

Col. Amit Kumar (retired) shared the video and a few pictures and stated, “Captain Anshuman Singh, an Army Medical Corps physician with the 26TH Battalion Punjab Regiment, was recognized for his ‘exceptional bravery and resolve to rescue many people in a major fire incident.'”

What is the obligation to a soldier’s family and what does the nation owe them? regardless of rank or length of service. When he has given up his life or when he is still living.

His family has an obligation to the nation. Will the blessings of Death make up for his absence? Look at these two powerful women.

The wife and mother. Families have a lot of them! When someone talks about the terms and conditions, it hurts both of us.

For what country do they die?

A Shaurya Chakra recipient, Brigadier Hardeep Singh Sohi (retired), wrote, “Captain Anshuman Singh, #KirtiChakra, thank you for your service to the nation.

We will always be grateful to you for your sacrifice on behalf of the nation. Jai Hind.

Captain Anshuman Singh of the Army Medical Corps, stated retired Wing Commander Aman Choudhary. Origin: Uttar Pradesh.

given the Kirti Chakra (posthumously) by India’s esteemed president! At Siachen Glacier last year, he made the ultimate sacrifice! Greetings.

According to the Defense Ministry, the gallantry awards were presented for eminent valor, unwavering courage, and extraordinary dedication to duty.

“Saw Rashtrapati Ji present the Gallantry Awards at the Defense Investiture Ceremony-2024 (Phase-1) at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Our country is honored by the bravery and commitment of our courageous military. They are the epitome of selflessness and devotion. Our nation will always be inspired by their bravery,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on X along with several images.

Who is Captain Anshuman Singh?

The Army Medical Corps’ Captain Anshuman Singh, who works with the 26th Battalion of the Punjab Regiment, received an award for his “exceptional bravery and resolve to rescue many people in a major fire incident.”

India’s second-highest gallantry honor during peacetime is the Kirti Chakra.

How is Captain Anshuman Singh doing?

Around three in the morning in July 2023, a short circuit caused a fire in an Indian Army munitions stockpile in Siachen.

As the waste caught fire, Captain Anushman Singh heroically saved those trapped within a fiberglass tent.

In addition, he made an effort to get necessary medications from a nearby medical investigation shelter that was in danger from the fire.

He tragically died soon after, having suffered severe burns in the process.

Earlier in February, Captain Anushman Singh tied the knot following his graduation from Armed Forces Medical College in Pune.

His first posting was for his deployment at Siachen as part of Operation Meghdoot.

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