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BOC Madaki Ft SmartBTrams – Ci Gaba

BOC Madaki Ft SmartBTrams – Ci Gaba Mp3 Download

  • Artiste Name: B.O.C Madaki
  • Song Name: Ci Gaba Ft SmartBTrams
  • Release Date: 4th May, 2020
  • Format: MP3 High Quality

On BOC Madaki’s Ra’ayi album, “Ci Gaba,” featuring SmartBTrams, is one of the strongest tracks.

A strong and captivating song that appeals to a wide audience is the product of this collaboration, which unites two unique voices in the Nigerian music scene.

“Ci Gaba” is an excellent production example, fusing contemporary hip-hop beats with traditional African musical components.


BOC Madaki Ft SmartBTrams - Ci Gaba Mp3 Download
BOC Madaki Ft SmartBTrams – Ci Gaba Mp3 Download

The instrumental arrangement produces a fascinating and deep auditory experience, which combines melody synths, rhythmic drumming, and ambient sounds.

The music is composed with great care, making every element harmoniously and balanced. The instrumentals don’t overpower the vocals of BOC Madaki or SmartBTrams, allowing their voices to shine through.

The concept of “Ci Gaba,” which translates to “progress” from Hausa, centers on the idea of making progress and aiming for improvement despite obstacles.


The insightful and inspirational lyrics inspire listeners to never give up on their ambitions. While SmartBTrams offers a contrasting viewpoint with his distinct poetic approach, BOC Madaki’s poems are contemplative and replete with rich imagery.

The song has a genuine and approachable touch because of the usage of Hausa language and cultural allusions.

Traditional motifs and emotions are skillfully incorporated by BOC Madaki and SmartBTrams, giving the song a deeper resonance with listeners who are acquainted with Hausa culture while yet appealing to a larger audience.

The song’s popularity is increased by this cultural fusion, which also demonstrates the performers’ pride in their ancestry.

SmartBTrams and BOC Madaki give outstanding performances on “Ci Gaba.” BOC Madaki has a confident, fluid flow and his songs come to life through his clear, expressive delivery.

This is complemented by SmartBTrams’ unique vocal style, which gives the song more depth and variation. Their performance is cohesive and captivating, demonstrating their clear synergy as they feed off each other’s energy.

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  • Production Quality: 9/10
  • Lyrics and Theme: 9/10
  • Overall Song Quality: 9/10

“Ci Gaba” demonstrates how BOC Madaki can write music that is both aesthetically pleasing to all listeners and rich in cultural context.

This song, like the others on the Ra’ayi album, solidifies his position as a prominent player in the Nigerian music scene by showcasing his devotion to excellence and his capacity to uplift others via his creations.


“Ci Gaba” is a standout track on the Ra’ayi album, showcasing the talents of BOC Madaki and SmartBTrams. The high-quality production, combined with insightful and motivational lyrics, makes this song a significant addition to the album.

The cultural authenticity and strong performances from both artists ensure that “Ci-Gaba” resonates with a wide audience, offering a powerful message of perseverance and progress.

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