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BOC Madaki – Ra’ayi

BOC Madaki – Ra’ayi Mp3 Download

  • Artiste Name: B.O.C Madaki
  • Song Name: Ra’ayi
  • Release Date: 4th May, 2020
  • Format: MP3 High Quality

The album Ra’ayi by BOC opens with the title tune, “Ra-ayi,” which sets the tone for a reflective and culturally diverse musical voyage.

The album’s topics and sounds are effectively introduced in this first track, which also highlights BOC’s distinctive style and depth of lyrics.

BOC Madaki - Ra'ayi Mp3 Download
BOC Madaki – Ra’ayi Mp3 Download

“Ra’ayi” is a masterfully composed song that fuses modern hip-hop beats with traditional Hausa musical elements.


A combination of soothing ambient sounds, rhythmic drum beats, and melodic strings make up the instrumental backdrop, which makes for an evocative and captivating listening experience.

Each component of the production is highlighted by its clarity and balance, which makes BOC ‘s vocals stand out while mixing in perfectly with the accompaniment.

Thematically, “Ra’ayi” explores the idea of individual viewpoints and opinions, inspiring listeners to consider their convictions.


BOC explores a range of societal topics, personal experiences, and cultural tales in his lyrics. His poetry paints a picture of his worldview and the reality of his surroundings with its rich imagery and provocative ideas.

A snippet of the lyrics includes:

“Arewa Sha tara yanzu kuma wa duniya zan manna, Lagos Na gaya muku da wuya in dawo a Gara.

This little excerpt emphasizes the song’s central concept, which runs throughout the album and is unique, and the power of one’s convictions.

The Hausa language used by BOC in “Ra’ayi” gives the song an extra degree of authenticity and cultural depth.

The use of customary expressions and allusions strikes a deep chord with listeners who are acquainted with Hausa culture and provides others who are not with a preview of this rich cultural legacy.

The song’s popularity is increased by this ethnic fusion, which also highlights BOC’s commitment to his heritage.

The performance of “Ra’ayi” by BOC is both subtle and potent. He delivers the song with assurance and clarity, alternating between reflective lines and more upbeat passages with ease.

The emotional weight of the words is conveyed by his vocal tone and intonation, which makes the song memorable and powerful.

He demonstrates his talent as a storyteller and songwriter by skillfully integrating his message into the song.

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Production Quality: 9/10
Lyrics and Theme: 9/10
Overall Song Quality: 9/10

“Ra’ayi” is a stunning opener to BOC’s album, showcasing his dedication to lyrical depth, cultural expression, and high production standards.

This song, like the rest of the album, underlines BOC’s status as an important and influential personality in the Nigerian music business.


Ra-ayi” is a captivating opening track that effectively sets the tone for the remainder of the Ra’ayi-album.

This song stands out among BOC’s catalog due to its high-quality production, smart lyrics, and cultural authenticity.

It demonstrates his ability to combine classic and contemporary elements, resulting in music that is both profound and interesting.

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