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BOC Madaki Ra ayi EP: FULL ALBUM

BOC Madaki Ra ayi EP Album Download

Artiste Name: BOC Madaki
Album Title: Ra’ayi EP

Released Date: 2020
Format: MP3/Audio High Quality KBPS

The Hausa hip-hop maniac popularly known as BOC Madaki bashes out a very dope project called “Ra ayi EP” which makes a debut right here on Labaranyau.

Ra’ayi EP by BOC is the fresh balling rap extended play making superb waves on the street at the moment having special appearances from C Man, SmartBTrams, Lemuelknight, Steve Sings, and Cino.


BOC Madaki’s EP Ra’ayi is a noteworthy piece of work that demonstrates his variety and skill as a lyricist in the Hausa rap industry.

The EP, which was well received at its release, stands out in his career due to its unique blend of motivational messages, cultural reflections, and introspective topics.

BOC Madaki Ra ayi EP Album Download
BOC Madaki Ra ayi EP Album Download

Tracklist Overview

1. Ra’ayi: The EP’s theme, which centers on individual viewpoints and beliefs, is established by the title tune. The song’s profound and thought-provoking lyrics highlight each person’s uniqueness and the power of their convictions.


2. Ci Gaba Ft. SmartBTrams: A track that inspires perseverance and progress. Both BOC Madaki and SmartBTrams give stirring performances that inspire listeners to press on in the face of obstacles.

3. N50: This song explores socioeconomic problems by talking about larger societal and financial matters using the symbolic N50 note. BOC Madaki crafts a story around his goals and daily challenges, showcasing his poetic talent.

4. Ride Or Die: a song that looks at devotion and loyalty. The single stands out on the EP because of its moving lyrics and BOC Madaki’s impassioned performance.

5. Benchmark Ft. C Man: This song, which features C Man, is all about making goals and going above and beyond. The EP gains a dynamic energy from the cooperation as both musicians display their lyrical prowess.

6. Hakin Mu: A somber music that talks about individual and group accountability. The reflective quality of the song and its moving lyrics make a lasting impression on listeners.

7. Pretence: This song, which is a condemnation of dishonesty and hypocrisy, has an engaging beat and incisive lyrics. BOC Madaki has a sharp and captivating delivery.

8. N50: The Uniting track that explores multiple perceptions.

9. Fans: This song, which pays homage to BOC Madaki’s supporters, emphasizes the significance of fan support in the career of an artist. It’s a feel-good song because of its positive and grateful tone.

10. Let Love Lead Ft. Steve Sings: This song, which features Steve Sings, encourages love and harmony. The partnership produces a tune that is upbeat and harmonious by fusing rap and melodic components.

11. Rare Samples Ft. Lemuelknight: A creative track that explores distinct experiences and viewpoints by utilizing the idea of uncommon samples. The cooperation with Lemuelknight gives the EP more nuance and diversity.

12. Jijjiga Ft. Cino: This upbeat track featuring Cino is a great complement to the EP since it blends catchy beats with captivating lyrics.


1. Ra’ayi Mp3 Download

2. Ci Gaba Ft SmartBTrams Mp3 Download

3. Pretence Mp3 Download

4. Hakin Mu Mp3 Download

5. Taking Shots Mp3 Download

6. Fans Mp3 Download

7. Benchmark Ft C Man Mp3 Download

8. jijjiga Ft Cino Mp3 Download

9. N50 Mp3 Download

10. Ride Or Die Mp3 Download

11. Let Love Lead Ft Steve Sings Mp3 Download

12. Rare Samples Ft Lemuelknight Mp3 Download

BOC Madaki Ra ayi EP Album Download Zip

Ra’ayi’s production values are very high; every song has a well-composed and well-mixed mix. The EP creates a complex and engrossing listening experience by fusing modern hip-hop beats with traditional Hausa musical elements.

The utilization of contemporary production methods and genuine instruments demonstrates BOC Madaki’s dedication to excellence.

The BOC Madaki Ra’ayi EP delves into a variety of topics, such as individual viewpoints, tenacity, socioeconomic concerns, loyalty, accountability, and love.

The pensive and perceptive lyrics provide listeners with a comprehensive exploration of BOC Madaki’s ideas and viewpoints.

He stands out as a major player in the Hausa rap scene because of his ability to tackle difficult subjects clearly and originally.

With BOC Madaki using Hausa language and cultural allusions throughout, the EP is rich in linguistic and cultural components.

This gives the music more depth and authenticity, which appeals to a wider audience while simultaneously striking a deep chord with listeners who are familiar with Hausa culture.

The Ra’ayi EP by BOC Madaki is a must-listen for fans of Hausa rap and those interested in music that blends cultural authenticity with contemporary sounds.

It stands as a testament to BOC Madaki’s artistry and his ability to inspire and engage listeners through his music.

BOC Madaki Ra ayi EP Album Download
BOC Madaki Ra ayi EP Album Download

Ratings On BOC Madaki Ra ayi EP

Production Quality: 9/10
Lyrics and Theme: 9/10
Overall EP Quality: 9/10

Conclusion On BOC Madaki Ra ayi EP

BOC Madaki’s Ra’ayi EP is a powerful and entertaining collection of songs that highlight his lyrical ability and ethnic pride.

The high-quality production, paired with thought-provoking ideas and exciting partnerships, distinguishes it from his previous work.

The EP confirms BOC Madaki’s status as a notable and important musician in Nigeria’s music industry.

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