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BOC Madaki – Taking Shots

BOC Madaki – Taking Shots Mp3 Download

  • Artiste Name: B.O.C Madaki
  • Song Name: Taking-Shots 
  • Duration: 3:54
  • Format: MP3 High Quality

The super amazingly talented northern maestro lyricist famously recognized as B.O.C Madaki balls through again with a new special hit sound titled Taking-Shots which makes a special debut here in Labaranyau.

“Taking Shots” is another intriguing tune by BOC Madaki, from his trendy album called Ra’ayi, demonstrating his talent in the Nigerian hip-hop scene.

BOC Madaki - Taking Shots Mp3 Download
BOC Madaki – Taking Shots Mp3 Download

This song, like many of his other works, mixes crisp words with a strong cultural resonance, making it an important contribution to his catalog.


The production for “Taking-Shots” is sleek and dynamic. The tune has a robust beat that combines ancient African rhythms with modern hip-hop components, resulting in an infectious and dynamic sound.

Mixing and mastering ensure that every aspect of the production is clear, resulting in a high-quality listening experience.

“Taking Shots” centers around themes of disobedience, authenticity, and resilience. BOC expresses his resolve and fortitude in the face of hardship through his lyrics, which tackle issues and problems.


The message of the song is one of confidence and empowerment, inspiring listeners to be steadfast and loyal to themselves.

Northern Nigerian language and culture are still incorporated into BOC’s songs. His usage of the Hausa language gives the song more depth and authenticity while establishing a cultural connection with the audience.

The song’s bilingualism enables it to retain its cultural roots while appealing to a wider audience.

The performance by BOC on “Taking-Shots” is assured and powerful. The song’s themes of resiliency and genuineness are beautifully communicated by his incisive and captivating voice.

His verses have a flawless rhythm and flow that keeps the listener interested all the way through.

Taking Shots audio soundtrack is one sweet sensational sound masterpiece of the star artist which is among his latest hit songs.

Listen To Taking Shots Mp3 Download Below;



  • Production Quality: 8.5/10
  • Lyrics and Theme: 8.5/10
  • Overall Song Quality: 8.5/10

Taking-Shots” is proof of BOC’s creative vision and his dedication to composing music that is both aesthetically pleasing and relevant to a broad audience.

This song solidifies his status as a well-known personality in the Nigerian music business by showcasing his talents as a musician and lyricist.


“Taking-Shots” is a noteworthy addition to BOC’s discography, demonstrating his poetic ability and ethnic pride.

This tune stands out in Nigeria’s hip-hop scene thanks to its high-quality production, insightful lyrics, and powerful delivery.

BOC’s ability to combine traditional components with current sounds guarantees that “Taking Shots” appeals to a broad audience.

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