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Rahab Karisa Biography

Rahab Karisa, a committed and gifted public servant, passed away tragically, and the coastal county of Kilifi is mourning his passing. Karisa held the prestigious position of Chief Officer for Fisheries and Blue Economy within the Agriculture and Livestock Development docket while serving on the Kilifi county administration. However, she lost her life on a fateful morning on Thursday, July 20, in her house in Kilifi town’s Mnarani Classic Estate.

Rahab Karisa Career

Rahab Karisa was more than just a county official; she also had a strong academic background and was an ardent environmentalist. At Kenyatta University, she earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Environmental Studies. She continued her education, enrolling in a master’s program in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, not satisfied with her accomplishments.


Rahab Karisa Cause of Death

After returning from a business trip to Italy, Karisa tragically passed away. She allegedly suffered a fatal attack from her housekeeper, who fled the scene soon after the heinous deed. Her dead body had stab wounds, a knife had been recovered nearby, and there were papers all over the place. Her family, friends, and the entire Kilifi town are in shock and sorrow over the tragic tragedy.

Rahab Karisa Death Explained

Governor Gideon Mung’aro called for quick efforts to catch the offender while lamenting the loss of a young, skilled, and industrious officer. He expressed sympathy to everyone who knew and loved Karisa and promised the support of the county government to the grieving family. Her commitment to environmental problems and dedication to her job were well recognized, and everyone could see that she had a bright future ahead of her.


Rahab Karisa’s Husband & Children

Rahab Karisa’s husband and two kids must now endure the excruciating agony of her passing. Her dedication to her profession and her love of environmental preservation will always be remembered, as will the impact she had on the neighborhood.

The cry for justice and safety reverberates loudly as Kilifi laments the passing of this gifted and aspirational woman. The horrific event serves as a sobering reminder that everyone must work to make a world free from such senseless acts of violence.

May Rahab Karisa’s soul rest in peace, and may her legacy serve as an inspiration to those who come after her to change the world for the better.



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