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Naledi Boltina Biography

South African entertainer Naledi Boltina is a rising talent in the industry. An remarkable story of passion, tenacity, and skill, Naledi’s journey from a small hamlet to the international stage.

She is living up to her reputation. Her parents gave her the name Naledi, which means star, when she was born.

She’s determined to fulfill that prophecy.

Naledi Boltina, a 27-year-old musician, actor, and producer, has just released the song “African King,” which features Nigerian musician Ice Prince.

She admits to Drum that she’s always enjoyed music.

“I attended a boarding school in Grahamstown and majored in music and drama; I believe that’s where my love of entertainment first developed.”

She is still thrilled with her adventure and currently resides and works in Nigeria.

I’m stepping into my purpose and calling because my parents named me Naledi, which was almost like a prophecy that I needed to be a star.

Prior to becoming the first Party260 presenter for Bay TV on Nelson Mandela Bay and a radio host on Bay FM and YFM, she began singing in the church choir in Port Elizabeth.

“When I was 17, I landed the main role of Rosa in the SABC short instructional film The Lilies, which gave me my first significant break in the entertainment business. In addition, I appeared in the popular telenovela The Gift by Ferguson Films and Mnet’s Rockville.

She has continued to rap on doors in the entertainment sector ever since.

Naledi Boltina Age

The precise date of Naledi Boltina’s birth is unclear. Despite her youth, she has had a spectacular career and is still having a big influence on the entertainment sector.

Collaborating with Ice Prince

When she travelled to Nigeria to make a Nollywood movie, the nation soon went into lockdown.

She claims that although she has missed her own country, Nigeria has given her some chances, particularly through her work with Ice Prince.

“During my stay here, we were able to produce some very excellent work. I contacted him as soon as I entered the studio after arriving in Lagos. African King was created following a few meetings and in between demanding deadlines.

This song celebrates black love and offers an African interpretation of a classic love narrative. The title was also greatly motivated by the feedback I got from family and friends regarding moving to Nigeria.

Everyone assured me that I would run into my Igwe (the monarch in Nigerian movies) when I arrived in Lagos, Naledi joked.

She claims that the song was written with the intention of glorifying black love and that working with the Grammy-winning Ice Prince had more meaning than just making wonderful music.

It’s also an anti-xenophobia song, therefore I reasoned that working together with my brothers and sisters would be the best way to support them and stand by them.

She was welcomed with grace in Nigeria. Within days of its release, her song has received more than 10,000 plays on Audiomack.

What’s next

Naledi claims that working with Ice Prince has given her access to an audience she never would have thought possible, and she still has a few tricks left in the bag.

“The collaboration has brought a market that I could only pray for, and I am already working on new music.”

She desires to use music to unite Africa.”I want to work with a lot more African musicians. I would really love to collaborate with artists like Master KG, Burna, and Tiwa Savage in Africa right now,” says Naledi.

I’m currently working with Skuki Va Va Voom on a song we’ll be releasing next week called Senseless. I encourage my fans to keep an eye out for my appearances in Nollywood films in addition to my music.

A Love for Entertainment:

When Naledi Boltina attended a boarding school in Grahamstown, she immersed herself in music and acting, which sparked her enthusiasm for the arts. She had no idea that this love would set her on the path to an incredible career in the entertainment industry.

Naledi’s major break came at the age of 17 when she was cast in the lead part of Rosa in the SABC educational short “The Lilies.” Her talent and commitment were rapidly noticed, which helped her land parts in prestigious projects like Mnet’s “Rockville” and Ferguson Films’ successful telenovela, “The Gift.” Her star was rising, and she was aware of the connection between her love of the art and her purpose and calling.

The Nigerian Adventure:

Naledi was forced by life to travel to Nigeria, where she started a new phase of her adventure. She had the chance to work with Ice Prince, a well-known Nigerian musician, in Nigeria. Despite the difficulties brought on by the worldwide shutdown, Naledi’s tenacity and fortitude inspired her to produce music that crosses national boundaries.

She co-wrote “African King,” a song that honors black love and acts as an anthem against xenophobia, alongside Ice Prince. For Naledi, the partnership was an opportunity to show solidarity and togetherness within the African entertainment sector, in addition to producing good music.

A Triumph in Nigeria:

Within days after its release, “African King” had over 10,000 plays on Audiomack, indicating that Nigeria welcomed Naledi with open arms. The theme of the song struck a chord with listeners, and Naledi discovered a fan base she had never anticipated.

Naledi is committed to using music to bring together African musicians as she continues to enjoy the success of her project. To unite the continent through a harmonious fusion of skill and creativity, she imagines working with artists like Master KG, Burna Boy, and Tiwa Savage.

A Bright Future:

Beyond her musical endeavors, Naledi plans to expand her filmmaking career. She intends to appear in Nollywood films and has promised her fans exciting performances.

Naledi Boltina’s path serves as an example of the strength of passion, grit, and acceptance of one’s fate. Naledi serves as an inspiration to young artists, encouraging them to pursue their aspirations with unyielding conviction as she lives up to her name and shines like the star she was born to be.

We eagerly anticipate the songs and films that will further highlight Naledi’s genius and talent. We are grateful to be able to see her rise to fame in the entertainment industry since her future is as bright as the stars that grace the night sky.

Naledi Boltina Boyfriend

Since Naledi Boltina maintains a quiet life, there are currently no verified rumors about her romantic relationships or lover.

Naledi Boltina Net Worth

Since Naledi Boltina maintains a quiet life, there are currently no verified rumors about her romantic relationships or lover.


In conclusion, Naledi Boltina’s path from a young woman with huge goals from a tiny town to a well-known figure in the entertainment industry demonstrates the value of talent, effort, and perseverance. The future is incredibly bright for this extraordinary music icon as long as she keeps shattering limits and inspiring aspiring designers.





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