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Carter Reynolds Biography

A well-known American social media personality, YouTuber, and Vine star, Carter Reynolds is most known for his Vine videos. Due to his Vine videos and status as a member of “Magcon,” this young, handsome kid with boy-next-door looks became well-known. He specifically carried out the #CarterTo200k Twitter follower campaign, which helped him amass 200,000 followers by January 2014 and one million within four months. His ‘Mr_Carterr’ Vine account has more than 4.6 million subscribers. In April 2014, he quit “Magcon,” and a few months later, he started “The Carter Tour.” He began dating Maggie Lindemann, a fellow video star, that year, but they eventually broke up.

Prior to June 2015, Reynolds’ stratospheric climb appeared to be going swimmingly. However, Reynolds’ idyllic existence took a turn for the worst when a scandal broke out after a private sex tape of him and Lindemann appeared on Tumblr. He received harsh criticism for his behavior in the video. He then expressed regret for the incident, but despite the fact that he did not significantly reduce his support base, he still has a long way to go before winning back people’s hearts.


About Carter Reynolds

Founder of the Magcon Boys organization, which was established in September 2013. He amassed over 4 million followers on the 6-second video app Vine, where he first found recognition. He now has more than 2.4 million Twitter followers in addition to over 2.8 million Instagram followers.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

He gained notoriety for his Vine videos and for being a part of the 2013 Bart Bordelon-founded Vine famous lads tour or convention known as “Magcon,” which stands for “Meet and Greet Convention.” With the convention, Reynolds would visit towns all over the nation and interact with tens of thousands of fans who were dying to see and speak with their favorite Vine stars.


His videos, which largely captivated young girls, mainly feature quirky and silly things that show his lively and hilarious side as well as his camaraderie with other Vine stars. He quickly rose to the top of the popularity rankings, as seen by the astounding total of 4.6 million Vine followers, more than 3.3 million followers on Instagram, and 2.5 million followers on Twitter.

His ascent finally compelled him to strike deals with significant corporations to advertise their goods. By 2014, he had secured lucrative sponsored ad contracts on YouTube and Vine with brands including Coca-Cola, Aeropostale, Audible, and Airheads. Additionally, he was receiving a sizable salary from Magcon Tour. Tickets for the Magcon Tour would cost anything from $32 for general admission to $150 for VIP tickets, giving fans the option to sit in the front row and the chance to take pictures with their favorite stars.

He quit “Magcon” in April 2014 along with Cameron Dallas, Hayes Grier, and Nash Grier, and a few months later he began “The Carter Tour.” VIP tickets for the tour, which included performers such as Maggie Lindemann and Alyssa Shouse, cost $75. The company “DigiTour Media,” which organized the first social media tour in history, also invited Reynolds and other well-known Vine celebrities like Matt Espinosa and Lohanthy to take part in their “DigiFest.”

Beyond Fame

Early in 2014, he met Maggie Lindemann, a great singer and songwriter who was also a Vine celebrity and had amassed over 200,000 Instagram followers at the time. Gradually, they began dating, and it is well known that fans were eager to have a glimpse into the private life of these famous couple. Later, the two began sharing selfies they took at Coachella together on social media. They also created and uploaded YouTube movies to share with their fans. They were shown kissing in one of the videos.

Fans were shocked when the duo announced their breakup in December 2014. The fans were so angry that several of them emailed Lindemann death threats and blamed her for the separation. After getting back together in March 2015, the two parted ways shortly after. Although discussing personal drama with followers has become fashionable in today’s society and social media popularity is important for any star, if not managed carefully and sensibly, it could be harmful to one’s career. Reynolds experienced the same thing when a personal video of the two celebrities was leaked.


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According to the footage, he appeared to be trying to coerce Lindemann into having oral sex with him while he was recording it. He received harsh criticism, and many people even labeled him a “rapist.” To his more than 2.38 million Twitter followers at the time, Reynolds sent a written apology for the incident. He then engaged Lindemann in a contentious Twitter argument once more. He lost some of his supporters in addition to the contracts with the corporations he advocated for.

Carter Reynolds Personal Life

Carter Reynolds’ marriage status and family details have not been made public.

His personal life is kept private, including any more details regarding his relationships.

Carter Reynolds Family Life

He attended North Carolina’s Jimmy C. Draughn High School in Valdese. Kealia is the name of his older sister. He started dating Maggie Lindemann, a fellow web video sensation, in 2014. Eventually, the pair would split up. His Pomeranian passed away in May 2015. He started dating Demi Plaras in 2017, but their relationship ended in 2021.

Carter Reynolds Social Media

  • Twitter: @carterreynolds
  • Instagram: @carterreynolds
  • YouTube: Carter Reynolds

Carter Reynolds Discography

  • “Beer In the Fridge” (2017)
  • “Do You (feat. Jake Foushee)” (2017)
  • “Pillowcase” (2017)
  • “Give It Time” (2017)

Carter Reynolds Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $8 million, Carter Reynolds ranks among the highest-paid influencers in the country.

Carter Reynolds Associated With

Along with other internet celebrities and Magcon Boys, including Cameron Dallas, he participated in the Meet ‘N’ Greet Tour.

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