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Biography Of Janet Erhan

Janet Erhan Biography

Janet Erhan was surprised with a touching message on her 44th birthday.

Fashion blogger Daniela Culev didn’t want to be at home on October 3rd for nothing.

On this day, her mother – played by Janet Erhan – celebrated her 44th birthday.

Daniela Culev marked her mother’s 44th birthday with her, sharing a virtual message with her:

“Only a super mom can do anything and look great every day! Happy birthday to my mother who remains as young at heart.

Thank you for being my mother,” Daniela told her.

The expectant mother will shortly give the performer a first grandson or granddaughter.

Recently, the fashion blogger was the heroine of an interview for Paparazzi, where she confessed:

“My mother reacted very well.

I think I will stay at home until the birth, with my parents and grandparents, I don’t want to miss their presence.

If mom has chosen to stop making music, I think she should do what she likes.

She still finds herself in what she does today. Maybe we’ll do something together.

We’ve already thought of a name for the child: if it’s a boy, let it be Marius, and if it’s a girl – Mia”, said Daniela in the interview.

Happy birthday, Janet Erhan!

“Sincerely with you” with Daniela Culev: “My mother is Janet Erhan, but I didn’t try to take advantage of it”

Read some confessions made by Bde Fashion blogger, Daniela Culev in the “Sincer cu Tine” podcast produced by Zina Bivol.

My mother is Janet Erhan, but I didn’t try to take advantage of it, on the contrary! I have to say that the play of colors, and socializing with people I think I inherited from her.

Now he went to London, he discovered a new side of himself and the phase with concerts, events, and involvement as an artist remained in the shadows.

This aspect required more investment than profit.

I also had some attempts to sing when I was little, but her example was enough. Being an artist in the Republic of Moldova is a very complicated thing.

So my path was different.

I’m also in a good relationship with my father, but I haven’t felt the need to talk about it, or at least I haven’t been asked.

They divorced when I was little, I was about six years old, but I always kept in touch with him.

He has a wonderful sense of humor.

I admit that I find some qualities of my father in my husband…

Of course, I wanted, like any child, to see my parents together, but their separation was perhaps also a school that matured me faster than other children.

Initially, I was friends with my husband, and then, after many discussions, he invited me for a coffee and started the whole story.

I was working as a waitress at the time, I didn’t imagine that we would be together, everything came naturally.

He is older than me by five years, we are a perfect match.

This year marks seven years of marriage. We were at the marriage ceremony, just the two of us, we didn’t do the religious ceremony.

We are not far from God, but far from the church. In the evening, we went to a restaurant together and later some friends also came over.

I’m sorry we didn’t make the party just for the grandparents, they wanted that.

I think that as long as there is harmony, I am ok with that.

It is not necessary to follow certain standards.

I didn’t baptize the children either, they will decide for themselves if they want to be baptized or not.

We did not choose to stick to certain traditions, with godparents or godparents.

Our friends and without these “honors” are close to us.

Motherhood is something that gives meaning to life.

It’s complicated and challenging sometimes to be a mother, but it’s extremely beautiful when you know how to manage your emotions.

I learned to apologize to them because there can be moments when we contradict each other and patience is lost.

The anger mustn’t last long.

Traveling with the whole family makes us more resilient.

Yes, I can go on a trip with the children, even if they have a temperature of 39 degrees.

I try not to panic and offer confidence and security.

It’s good that I monitor everything, sometimes if necessary I can call my doctor and solve certain situations even remotely, although I try to handle myself in most cases.

Janet Erhan Biography
Janet Erhan Biography

The performer Janet Erhan from Moldova opened a beauty salon in London

The talented singer Janet Erhan, 47 years old, for some time no longer appears in the mundane events of Moldovan showbiz.

Probably, his time is occupied by the new business that he just started in England.

Janet Erhan, the artist who performed the song “Nu e o taina” which used to be broadcast often on radio and TV, opened a beauty salon.

The announcement was made by her herself, on her Instagram page.

The singer shared her excitement and joy through a post informing her followers about the services provided and the address where they can benefit from these beautification procedures.

The performer has two more children from previous marriages.

Her daughter, Daniela Culev, is a well-known fashion and travel blogger.

Janet Erhan Biography
Janet Erhan Biography

Janet Erhan Husband

Octavian Bodișteanu (b. 15 May 1977, Fundul Galbenei, Hîncești) was Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova, from 31 May 2013 to 10 December 2014, replacing Octavian Țîcu and succeeded by Serghei Afanasenco.

Between 2011-2013 Bodișteanu was the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova.

Octavian Bodișteanu is a former performance athlete (multiple national and international champions in freestyle wrestling, master of sports), a lawyer by profession, and the first honorary citizen of his native village.

He is married to the singer Janet Erhan and they have three children, Daniela, Alex, and Bogdan

Janet Erhan Biography
Janet Erhan Biography

Janet Erhan Instagram

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