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Sarah Langa biography

Sarah Langa, a well-known blogger from South Africa, was born on February 26, 1993. Her areas of expertise include travel, lifestyle, and fashion. She achieved amazing social media visibility and financial success thanks to her content.

She also serves as a brand ambassador and model for various prestigious South African businesses.

The young blogger serves as an inspiration to many South African students, especially women, by finding ways to support their desire to further their education.

Sarah Langa Profile

Name Sarah Langa
Born 26 February 1993 (age 28 years)
Gender Female
Nationality South African
Place of birth South Africa
Education Wits University
Husband Jehan Mackay
Profession Blogger

Sarah Langa Age

Her birthplace is South Africa, and she was born on February 26, 1993. The age of Sarah Langa is 28. Her birthday is always celebrated on February 26.

Sarah Langa Early Life

The 26th day of February of 1993 saw the birth of Sarah Langa. She was raised in Soweto, South Africa, where she was born.

She was raised in a strict Christian family and still has ties to the religion now.

She developed a strong passion and drive for demonstrating from an early age. She revealed in a meeting that she tried to join the ICE model group but was rejected because the modeling agency deemed her hip size to be excessive.

Sarah Langa Education

Sarah Langa-Mackay attended school in Soweto, South Africa, where she completed both her mandatory and elective courses.

She gained admission to the prestigious Wits University after completing her secondary education, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Sarah Langa Career

Sarah Langa-Mackay started off eager to pursue a career in modeling, but unhappily she was turned down. Her reputation as an online blogger was revived.

She is the voice and inspiration behind the Influence blog in South Africa. Her blog discusses a variety of topics, including fashion and lifestyle.

Many South African readers have visited her website because of the way she writes and the topics she covers.

Her rise to fame as a result of the blog Influence helped Sarah Langa-Mackay land the position of brand ambassador for a number of major South African companies, including Stylista, Vince Camuto, Brutal Fruit, Picot, and Moss.

Sarah Langa Husband

Sarah married Jehan Mackay, a businessman from South Africa, in 2016. She was raised as a Christian, whereas her spouse was raised as an Islamist.

She admitted that she never ever imagined having a husband like Jehan, who has an age gap of eleven years between them.

She acknowledges having felt that Jehan was too old for her. Even still, the blogger is unconcerned since she still thinks there is no one better for her.

Sarah Langa Wedding

Sarah entered the church in a marble-themed spectacle in December 2016 at the Munro Hotel. She married Mackay in a legal ceremony that day.

The traditional ceremony took place first, and then the white wedding.

The pair exchanged their marriage vows in front of several well-known national personalities.

At the wedding were Bonang Matheba, Lorna Maseko, Vuyo Varoy, and Melody Molale.

The bride and groom emerged at the banquet dressed as Muslims.

Sarah Langa Personal Life

Sarah Langa-Mackay is currently married and childless. She married Jehan Mackay in 2016 when she was 23 years old.

She said that because of the age difference between them and their fundamental differences, she never contemplated getting married to someone like Mackay. Jehan Mackay, a Muslim, has eleven (11) years more experience than she does and is considerably older.

Jehan Mackay serves as the Chief Executive Officer (C. E. O.) of a South African data technology company. In a private wedding ceremony in December 2016, they exchanged pledges. The wedding ceremony featured both traditional and white nuptials, which were followed by a lavish party.

South Africa’s Munro Hotel served as the venue for the wedding. Stars from the mainstream South African music scene, including Bonang Matheba, Lorna Maseko, Vuyo Varoy, and a few others, took part.

On February 26th, she consistently celebrates her birthday.

Sarah Langa Social Media

Via online media, Sarah Langa-Mackay is incredibly dynamic. She frequently updates her blog with pictures and connections. On her Instagram account @sarahlanga, she has more than 270 thousand followers.

Sarah Langa Net Worth

Sarah Langa, a model and brand influencer from South Africa, is estimated to be worth between $400,000 and $750,000.

What is the net worth of Sarah Langa?

She is renowned, though, for running one of the most successful blogs in the nation and working with well-known companies. She obviously has a large amount of cash on hand. But according to insiders, her projected net worth of $700,000 prevents her from becoming a millionaire.

Who is Sarah Langa Mackay husband?

Jehan Mackay, the CEO of the biggest tech firms in South Africa, was married to Sarah Langa. He was raised in an Islamic home and is from Kimberley. When Sarah was 23 years old, the couple was united in marriage. In order to honor their different religious beliefs—Christianity and Islam—they also had two weddings.

Where does Sarah Langa live?

She later revealed that the divorce brought in a few million dollars, and she hasn’t looked back since. Despite being just an influencer, she has a life that is better than the typical South African. You might wonder how she makes her money. Langa, who has been visiting London for some time, has now settled there.

Is Sarah Langa and Kefilwe still friends?

despite the fact that our professional interests have moved us to various job streams and geographical regions, and I are still very dear friends who love and support one another, we don’t see each other as frequently, but you can always count on a good time when we do. That is my target right there—that is my gal.

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