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Mason Hereford Biography

On June 15, Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, a new culinary series on Netflix, is scheduled to debut. Nine challenger cooks will attempt to unseat five Iron cooks. Mason Hereford, an expert in sandwiches, will also join the jury to compete for the title of Iron Chef. Additionally, he is the grandson of Frank Hereford, a former president of the University of Virginia.

The first season of the show features a competition between the top chefs in the business and a group of challenger cooks who are hoping to unseat them in a series of culinary challenges. Under difficult conditions, both sides will compete with one another. Marcus Samuelsson, Ming Tsai, Gabriela Cámara, Dominique Crenn, and Curtis Stone are the five Iron Chefs featured on the program.


Chef Mason Hereford from Iron Chef Quest for an Iron Legend grew up eating sandwiches

Virginia Mason Hereford grew up eating a lot of sandwiches because he was born in Charlottesville. He detested his mother’s homemade Bologna sandwiches as a child. Mason thought that bologna sandwiches on white bread with yellow mustard and potato chips were “gross.” Instead, he was completely in awe of the Jefferson, a popular sandwich at his college’s restaurant, which was made with turkey and cranberry relish.

Mason, 35, had a fixation with eating out, which eventually led to the development of his professional cooking talent when he began working in bars. In reality, the Virginia child had foreseen that when he grew older, he would establish a huge sandwich store. In 2016, he founded Turkey and the Wolf New Orleans, his sandwich store with the strangest menu, after working in a few restaurants in San Francisco and Charleston.

The name of the restaurant was the brainchild of a young woman who identified wolves as her spirit animal, shocking viewers when they learn this. The eatery also received the Bon Appétit Magazine’s America’s Best New Restaurant award.

In addition, he launched Molly’s Rise and Shine in 2019, a breakfast establishment serving a modern take on a classic American menu. Additionally, he supports Duke’s mayonnaise and plans to publish an untitled cookbook. He thought that cooking should always be joyful because he was a chef.


The other contestants in the show, in addition to Mason Hereford, are Esther Choi, Curtis Duffy, Gregory Gourdet, Mason Hereford, MeiLin, Claudette Zepeda, and Yia Vang.

Along with contestants like Mason Hereford, the program will have eight 45-minute episodes with special judges like Francis Lam, Nancy Silverton, Justin Willman, Danny Trejo, Lorena Garcia, Loni Love, Wolfgang Puck, and Masaharu Morimoto.

Who is Mason Hereford?

One of his well-known creative and entertaining sandwiches is the fried bologna sandwich, which Bon Appetit Magazine named the greatest restaurant in America in 2017. He is also the grandson of Frank Hereford, a former University of Virginia president.

His most recent appearance was on June 15, 2022, in the Netflix revival of Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend. He competed against Iron Chef Curtis Stone in a competition where they had to use lamb meat in five street food dishes of their choice.

In addition, he published his first cookbook, Turkey and the Wolf: Flavour Trippin’ in New Orleans, which rose to New York Times bestseller status. He enjoys cooking and dining with a creative and joyous zeal. His 35-year-old wife is comedian Molly Ruben-Long, who is also a co-owner of Molly’s Rise and Shine.

What is Mason Hereford’s age, height and weight?

Hereford is 35 years old. Nobody outside of his family knows when he was born. He weighs an undisclosed amount but is tall at 6 feet 2 inches.

What is Mason Hereford’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

Hereford is an American citizen because he was raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he was born and raised. His ethnicity is not specifically mentioned.

What is Mason Hereford’s profession?

Two restaurants in New Orleans, Turkey and the Wolf and Molly’s Rise and Shine, are owned by chef Mason Hereford. He competes in the Netflix series Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend in addition to penning cookbooks.

Did Chef Hereford win Iron Chef?

Hereford was not the Iron Chef champion. He competed against Iron Chef Curtis Stone in the first episode of Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, which broadcast on Netflix on June 15, 2022. He created five lamb-based street food dishes, however he was defeated by a thin margin of 87 to 89 points. He charmed the judges with his inventive and fun approach, despite failing to finish the challenge’s fire component.

Who is the owner of Turkey and the Wolf?

Mason Hereford is the proprietor of the New Orleans sandwich shop Turkey and the Wolf, which Bon Appetit Magazine named the Best Restaurant in America in 2017. He launched the restaurant in 2016 with his wife Molly Ruben-Long, a comedian and co-owner of Molly’s Rise and Shine, another restaurant in Hereford.

Does Mason Hereford have children?

It is unknown for certain if Mason Hereford is a father or not.

Who is Mason Hereford married to?

He is wed to comedian and Molly’s Rise and Shine co-owner Molly Ruben-Long.



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