ASAP Chops Owner Biography, Age, Real Name, Date of Birth, Pictures

ASAP Chops Owner Biography

The well-known eatery ASAP Chops is situated in the thriving Lekki neighborhood of Lagos, Nigeria. Ralph Adebayo, the eminently skilled chef and owner of this popular restaurant, is its brainchild.

Ralph Adebayo was raised in a tiny community in southwest Nigeria, where he was born. He learned the craft of making delectable meals from scratch from his mother, a passionate cook, who inspired him as a child.

Ralph came to Lagos to attend university after completing his secondary education, where he sought a degree in Business Administration. He continued to be passionate about cooking, though, and he devoted the most of his free time to trying out new dishes and methods.


Ralph made the audacious decision to create ASAP Chops in 2018, a full-service restaurant that offers a variety of Nigerian and continental dishes. Ralph’s dedication to serving his clients quick, great meals served as the inspiration for the restaurant’s name.

Thanks to Ralph’s commitment to excellence, creativity, and client happiness, ASAP Chops soon established itself as a favorite among foodies in Lagos. Ralph’s restaurant stands out from the competitors thanks to his inventive cuisine and use of premium, fresh products.

Ralph has received various honors and distinctions for his dedication to excellence, including the Best Chef Award at the Lagos Food Festival in 2021. Additionally, he participates actively in a number of humanitarian initiatives, including feeding disadvantaged children and assisting regional farmers.


Ralph’s dedication and perseverance have made ASAP Chops one of Lekki’s most popular eateries, and his love of cooking continues to motivate young people to follow their aspirations.

Who is ASAP Chops Ralph?

swift chops Ralph’s bio: The bustling Lekki district of Lagos, Nigeria is home to the well-known eatery ASAP Chops. Ralph Adebayo, the eminently skilled chef and owner of this popular restaurant, is its brainchild.

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