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Mome Mahlangu biography

Mome Mahlangu, whose true name is Mome Nale and who was born on November 7, 1983, is a well-known fashion stylist, businesswoman, and television personality in South Africa.

Because to her participation in the popular reality series The Cream Cartel, she is entering the national spotlight.

The program had a sizable fan base and really ran for a full year.


Mome Mahlangu Profile

Name Mome Nale
Other names Mome Mahlangu
Born 7 November 1983 (age 37 years)
Nationality South African
Husband Mongezi “Tol A$$ Mo” Ngcobondwane
Gender Female
Profession Television personality
Daughter Khumo Mahlangu

Mome Mahlangu Age

The well-known television personality was born on November 7th, 1983. Mome Mahlangu, 37, celebrates her birthday annually on November 7 and, like many other national icons, she was born on this day.

Mome Mahlangu Early Life

In a small South African village on November 7, 1983, Mome Mahlangu was born.

She was described as a humorous child and person by her childhood friends, parents, and siblings.

It is not surprising that she has become well-known in the South African entertainment business. Her humorous abilities were identified at a young age.

Mome Mahlangu Career

Due to her participation in the Vuzu documentary-reality series Cream Cartel, Mome Mahlangu became well-known in her native South Africa and attracted a following. One of the four main characters was one she played. The program aired in 2009 and 2010.

Mome Mahlangu devised and launched her docu-reality series with the help of her husband, Mongezi ‘Tol A$$ Mo’ Ngcobondwane. In its October 2012 premiere, the program introduced viewers to the couple’s relationship.

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She provided commentary for the Vuzu countdown program 10 over 10 in 2013. The comic reality spoof series The used her as its main character.

The A-listers of Jozi. Her spouse, Mongezi ‘Tol A$$ Mo’ Ngcobondwane, Trevor Gumbi, and Maps Maponyane were among the prominent South African entertainers that appeared on the program.

In 2014, Vuzu Amp broadcast the thirteen episode limited series. Vuzu broadcast the episode again in 2015. She made an appearance on MTV’s #YouGotGot hidden camera prank show.

In the first two seasons, she made an appearance. She additionally participated in the MTV Round Table and the South Africa Reality TV Stars Round Table.

Mome Mahlangu Husband

Mongezi “Tol A$$ Mo” Ngcobondwane is married to reality television star Mome Mahlangu. She made it clear, according to 2020 New24, that she supports her husband Tol Ass Mo.

This came after model Lerato Moloi accused her spouse of sexual assault. She claimed that was the third time in the previous three years that her spouse had been sued.

Mome Mahlangu Children

The mother of Khumo Mahlangu is the stylist who is wed to the comedian Tol A$$ Mo. Although the media personality’s young daughter is only six years old, she is already “sassy and smart.”

Mome Mahlangu Social Media

Mome Mahlangu has more than 400 000 followers on social media.

She can be followed on Instagram at @mrsmome.m, where she frequently shares humorous content.

Mome Mahlangu Personal Life

Mongezi ‘Tol A$$ Mo’ Ngcobondwane, a well-known South African comedian, is married to Mome Mahlangu. Khumo Mahlangu, her six-year-old daughter, is a lovely, kind child.

She thinks her daughter is smart and sassy. Her marriage to Mongezi ‘Tol A$$ Mo’ Ngcobondwane has suffered due to Lerato Moloi, a well-known model, accusing him of sexual assault (rape).

She claimed in her interview that her spouse had faced three allegations of sexual abuse. She reaffirmed her support for her husband while also announcing that she would leave and dissolve the marriage if he were to be found guilty because the South African authorities are still looking into the issue.

She has a birthday party every year on November 7th. Moreover, she has a caring in-law.

Mome Mahlangu Net Worth

Mome Mahlangu, a talented South African businesswoman, is thought to be valued between $500,000 and $750,000.

Is Mome Mahlangu still married?

Mongezi “Tol A$$ Mo” Ngcobondwane is married to reality television star Mome Mahlangu.

Who is Mome Mahlangu?

Tol A$$ Mo and Mom Mahlangu, his wife

South African comedian and television personality Tol A$$ Mo, also known as Mongezi Mahlangu, is well-known for his appearances on a number of television programs, notably Mo Love on Vuzu, in which he co-stars with his wife, Mome.

What are the names of Mo and Mome’s children?

She confesses that she lives a healthy lifestyle and that she must ensure that her spouse and children at least do the same. Teekay, the oldest child, and Mome, according to Mome, are more disciplined, but Mo and their child Khumo eat anything they want since they are less health-conscious.

What is toll as Mo’s real name?

Tol A$$ Mo is a South African comedian and television personality best known for his performances on several television programs, including Mo Love on Vuzu, in which he teammates with his wife Mome Nale. Tol A$$ Mo is also known by the stage names Tol Ass Mo and Toll Ass Mo.

Is Mome Mahlangu a sangoma?

Tol A$$ Mo, a funny man who goes by the name Mongezi Mahlangu, has heeded his ancestors’ summons. His wife Mome Mahlangu explained in a post on Tuesday how her husband was working toward becoming a sangoma and how their family has for years “run away” from the ancestor indications.

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