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Sheikh Gero Argungu Biography

Sheikh Abubakar Gero Argungu, a renowned Islamic scholar, passed suddenly on Wednesday in Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State, following a brief illness.

The death of Argungu was announced by Sheikh Dr. Abdullahi Bala Lau, the leader of Jama’atu Izalatil Bidi’a Wa’ikamatis Sunnah (JIBWIS).

Due to his contributions to the Islamic religion and his position as a spiritual leader, Sheikh Abubakar Gero Argungu gained the utmost esteem from the Muslim community.


His departure has left a void in the hearts of people who followed him because of how many lives he has touched with his teachings and advice.

Sheikh Abubakar Gero Argungu’s funeral prayer is slated to begin at 2:00 pm on Thursday at the Idin Sarki mosque in the Kebbi State town of Argungu.

Within the Islamic community and beyond, Sheikh Abubakar Gero Argungu’s legacy will always shine as a beacon of wisdom, spirituality, and inspiration, serving as a lighthouse for future generations.


The name Sheikh Abubakar Gero Argungu is significant and intriguing. Who is he, exactly? A well-known individual, a respected local hero, or even a divisive persona? This essay will detail all the fascinating parts of his life and provide all the information you need.

Abubakar Giro Argungu was born in the city of Argungu, which is well known for its vibrant cultural diversity and fishing festivals. He is a member of a large and powerful tribe. His leadership abilities, demeanor, and career path are all highly influenced by his ancestry.

Sheikh Gero Argungu Real Age and Early Life

Argungu’s true age being revealed might be quite a tease. According to the information that is accessible, he was born in the middle of the 20th century, which was a time of profound socio-political transformation. But how did his upbringing affect his personality and goals?

He embraced his cultural background, which was deeply ingrained in the practices of the powerful fishing community, as he was growing up in Argungu. His personality was shaped by the difficulties of his early life, which inspired him to work hard in all of his endeavors and duties.

Sheikh Gero Argungu State Of Origin and Tribe

Argungu, who is from the state of Kebbi in the center of Nigeria, portrays a variety of tribes, each of which is distinctive in its own manner. What tribe is he a member of? The Baggara tribe, famous for its powerful and vivacious members, includes Argungu.

Sheikh Gero Argungu Family, Wife and Personal Life

Argungu’s personal life is interestingly mostly kept quiet out of respect for his family. He maintains a close relationship with his wife and kids and places a high importance on family values and harmony. However, the identity of his significant other is still a mystery.

Mrs. Argungu, who are you? Argungu’s desire for a quiet and private family life is evident by the fact that her identity is still kept a well guarded secret.

Sheikh Gero Argungu Cause of Death

The passing of Argungu shocked the neighborhood. But what caused the death? His family kept this information secret out of respect for his privacy, which led to rumors while upholding respect for him after his passing.

Sheikh Gero Argungu Career and Achievements

Many people continue to be very interested in Argungu’s professional development. Through his numerous contributions to society, he has irrevocably changed both the local and the national levels of society. His accomplishments show off Nigerian talent’s versatility and the productivity of people’s unlimited potential.

But what area did he excel in the most? There is yet more to learn about this nugget.


Argungu’s legacy ultimately consists not just of his deeds but also of how those deeds affected the people who knew, admired, and remembered him.

This investigation serves as a tribute, arousing curiosity and respect for Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu’s life and times. Who knows, you might be motivated to continue in his esteemed footsteps.

Who is Sheikh Giro?

Popular Islamic cleric Abubakar Giro has passed away. Late on Wednesday, Bala Lau, the president of Jama’atu Izalatil Bid’ah Wa Iqamatus Sunnah (JIBWIS) in Nigeria, posted on his verified Facebook page to confirm the cleric’s passing. “Allah is our true owner, and we will all return to him.”

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