Labaran Bauchi

Nigeria Police Force Bauchi State Command

Nigeria Police Force Bauchi State Command

1. I received the Command Award of Excellence in appreciation of my remarkable efforts, unshakable devotion, and dedication to service.

2. Sen. Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir CON (Kauran Bauchi) was named the year’s public relations officer by the executive governor.

In recognition of outstanding communication skills, devotion, and commitment to building strong relationships between the police department and the community. This award recognizes your extraordinary efforts to promote transparency, trust, and cooperation, ultimately increasing public safety and confidence in law enforcement.


ALHAMDULILLAH…It is with great joy that I wish to thank Allah SWT for sending his bounties upon me. Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran, “And whatever of blessings and good things you have, it is from Allah” (Quran 16:53).

It is a very fantastic time for me, and I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude to you. According to Abu Huraira, in an authentic hadith, the prophet S.A.W said, “Whoever does not thank people has not thanked Allah” (Sunan Abu Dawud 4811). According to another prophetic tradition in Sunan Abu Dawd 4814, the prophet S.A.W emphasizes the significance of being appreciative of whatever gift received.

To begin, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the Commissioner of Police Bauchi State Command, CP MM Auwal psc; without his steadfast support, this achievement would not have been possible, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for recognizing my efforts and dedication.


I am flattered and grateful for the attention given to me by this award; your acknowledgment motivates me to continue pursuing my career with greater passion. I am extremely grateful, and I swear not to allow the faith and confidence you have in me to fade forever.

In addition, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to His Excellency the Executive Governor of Bauchi State, Sen. Bala Muhammad Abdulkadir CON(Kauran Bauchi); I am overjoyed and grateful to have received this award.

Thank you for encouraging me to maintain the greatest degree of attention to this job. It gives me energy and purpose to enhance my job, and I assure you that I will put up even more effort in the future.

I want to take this time to applaud your exceptional leadership style, which is the most powerful I’ve ever seen. Another feature of yours that gives me faith in your ability to discharge when necessary; this has ensured that fairness, equity, and justice have a permanent home in Bauchi. I hope for Allah’s wisdom on you as you steer the affairs of this magnificent State toward realizing the Bauchi of our aspirations…

The highest accolades go to the whole Bauchi Police Command, my colleagues, family and friends, well-wishers, and everyone on the team who deemed me suitable and chose me for this award.

Thank you for inspiring me to keep aiming for perfection; this is a huge milestone in my life, and I promise to gear up for Providence Heights.

Thank you for this great distinction; I am so appreciative.


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