Why eNaira Is The Best Currency Alternative

Why eNaira Is The Best Currency Alternative

What Is eNaira?

eNaira is the Nigerian digital currency that is issued and regulated by the pinnacle bank of Nigeria CBN.

Its basic functionality delivers speedy, simple, safer trading and more transactions opportunities to its customers and end-user.


How eNaira Will Benefits The Society

The newly approved digital currency comes with vital most wanted features. Abilities that will erase every transaction problem.

Below Are The Beneficial features Of eNaira

1 Unified Payment System

These features have given eNaira so much quality with a smarter experience as customers are allowed to transport their money from commercial banks (bank account) to their eNaira wallet within a few seconds at ease.

2. Bank Account Management

eNaira was embedded with high transparency behavior as users are eligible to access their eNaira wallet, check wallet balance, and view transactions at any point in time everywhere around the world.


3. Contactless Payment

The flexibility will ease every commercial practice across every marketing space by allowing wireless electronic transfers.

4. Peer To Peer

eNaira app users are allowed to perform transactions (sending & receiving) money to one another via the linked bank account or card.

Additional Advantages Of eNaira

i. Sending and receiving money is faster and easier with very minimal fee charges.

ii. Customers can re-check every made transaction in case of further verifications.

iii. Financial institution transactions can be carried out faster on the eNaira app at a cheaper rate.

iii. Speedy across boundaries transactions with a no-sweat foreign exchange.

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