National Security: Defense Minister Gathered Service Chiefs To Borno

Defense Minister Gathered Service Chiefs To Borno

The service chiefs and the Defense Minister of the federation pay visit to the theater command of operation Hadin Kai in Borno Capital on Friday.

The event was led by the defense minister of the federation, Bashir Magashi, which also include the presence of the Commander of the multinational joint task force and other service commanders for the delegation receiving.

The defense minister while addressing the event in his opening remark, he made it clear of his purpose of the visit stating that he was there to obtain the operational brief from the command headquarters and strictly clarify the efforts of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces by saying that he has provided all required for the war against insurgency, Banditry, and other challenges of the country.


The minister added, he said:

“We are making progress day in day out and I want to appreciate every member specially invited by the CDS so that we can put our heads together and see if new ideas can come and be able to finish up what we have started”.


“I think the success is not far away and with your determination and commitment I’m sure we’ll get out of the woods very very soon.”

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