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This Is What Drake Ex Bodyguard Has To Say About Working With Drizzy

Drake’s Ex-Bodyguard Discusses Working With The Canadian Rapper Drake Drizzy

Mike Van Wyck, who has worked with Drizzy for several years, stated that he learned a lot about work ethic during his time with him.

Mike Van Wyck, Drake’s ex-bodyguard, spoke out about his working relationship, his adaptive experiences, and what the rapper was like.

Furthermore, Mike recently appeared on the Money Buys Happiness Page and discussed working with the 6 God crooner for six years.


Overall, he stated that the most important lesson he learned was admiration for the Canadian star’s insane work ethic.

Read What he said below;

“I thought I had work ethic and I do,” Van Wyck expressed. “I guess if you ask people about me, I do work hard, I don’t really take days off and kinda of just grind all the time. But, to see a guy at that level — watch them go out night after night — especially on tours and perform, it’s robotic. In a very positive way. Not in a negative way.

“It’s engrained,” he said of Drake’s diligence. “This showmanship. This person, the person becomes on stage and how they perform from show to show — you could probably run the shows overlapping each other and it would look the same. There is that much consistency to it and you’d figure like someone that’s doing that kind of work would have a night off.


“I’m watching this person do this every night and to see the looks on these faces and to understand that level of work ethic and that level of consistency is pretty wild to see, in person” he concluded.

Meanwhile, he also shared a bit of backstory on how he first met the 36-year-old. “I had a connection to the group through 40. So, 40 and me went to the same camp when we were younger.

We didn’t hang out at camp because we had different crews, but we knew who each other were. When I was just living my life and I would see stuff about Drake coming up. They would always mention this 40 guy and I was like that’s f***ing Noah.”

Also, Van Wyck expressed that Drizzy’s “always been a very supportive person in my life — supported me no matter what. He’s a really good dude.”

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