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Know This 29 Powerful Bro Code And You Will Never Have Issues


Today here on labaranyau i will like to list down the 29 strong bro codes we must abide to.

These are bro codes when put into practice will surely lead someone to a betterment in life.

checkout the list below;

1. Don’t rape.

2. A man doesn’t cook delicious food, it’s gayish.

3. Two naked men are not supposed to be in the same room.

4. A bro doesn’t bath with hot water, he respect his 2 eggs.

5. A bro should know when to leave.

6. A bro should not ask a fellow bro his name, he should call him bro,boss,big man, sir, Mr, etc

7.If the dont like you,free her and date her best friend

8. A bro must know the signal to leave the room when a bro’s girl is around.

9. Never make funny of your bro just to impress women.

10. A bro must not pay for sex.

11. Your bro’s ex is your ex.

12. Make money before you make love.

13. A bro must not watch a Korean drama.

14. No matter how beautiful your bro’s sister is, she is your sister too.

15. A bro must not watch zee world.

16. When money comes out, don’t change your woman.

17. Don’t do husband duties while you are just a boyfriend.

18. A bro never gives up, the rest and continue.

19. If she say you are her planet, don’t forget about other planets.

20. Always respect your father, he was your first bro.

21. Never ever smash your bro’s chick.

22. Never feed a horse that you don’t ride.

23. A bro shall not gaze at a naked bro.

24. A bro never cries publicly or in front of any woman.

25. A bro always has a condom in his wallet in case of emergency, nood uitgang.

26. A bro never wears pink underwear.

27. If a bro asks another bro to keep a secret, he shall take that secret to his grave.

28. A bro is never offended if another bro fails to return a phone call or text.

29. It is never acceptable for a bro to sleep with another bro’s project or ex.

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