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Achraf Hakimi Not My Hero. He Is Not The Kind Of Man I Would Allow To Marry My – Charles Awuzie

My thoughts on #AchrafHakimi…

Achraf is trending for hiding his money under his mother’s name to frustrate his wife’s efforts to claim 50% of their estate.

Here are the facts:

1. Hiba Abouk, wife of Achraf Hakimi is a professional Spanish actress. She is not broke and definitely not a gold digger as many of you claim.

She has her own money hence she never cared about Achraf sending all his money to his mother while she uses hers to run the home. In fact, in 2020, sportsmob called Hiba one of the RICHEST Spanish actresses.


2. Hiba is one of the most intelligent actresses in Spain. She speaks Spanish, Arabic, French, English and Italian fluently. How many international languages do you speak?

3. Hiba Abouk is older than her husband Achraf by 12 years… Yes, 12 good years.

She contributed in the background to his rise. Achraf was only 19 when they met. Hiba is 36 years old now while Achraf is 24 years old. Achraf is a 24 year old mummy’s boy – no real man should ever take lessons from such a young mummy’s boy.


4. Achraf is not my hero. He is not the kind of man I would allow to marry my daughter.

I see Reno has made him a hero, declaring him as wise as Solomon because he gave his money to his mother and not his wife.

Let me tell you something about Reno – his marriage with his first wife failed for a reason. He is currently married to an Ethiopian wife and believe me, he won’t try what he did to his Nigerian wife with this Ethiopian wife.

Nigerian women are the most abused wives in the world. Trust me. That’s why when our brothers take them overseas and their eyes open, they rebel.

I’ll talk about this some other time but let me warn you about motivational speakers like Reno – before you buy their ideology, ask questions about their marriage.

If their so called wisdom was truly wise, why did it not save their home?

Any man who gives his mother all his money to hide it from his wife is not man enough and definitely not smart. Did you follow Bill Gates divorce? That’s a smart divorce – they settled everything amicably and only went to court to sign the official paperwork.

5. There’s a rape case against Achraf right now. Rape is a serious crime. You don’t know what else his wife knows. We all recently condemned the #DalaiLama for asking a boy to suck his tongue.

Why are you now making a hero out of a 24 year old mummy’s boy whose rape case is now before a court?


Only a boy would give his money to his mother in order to hide it from his wife. And this also exposes the maturity of Reno. Stop taking relationship advice from boys. Achraf and the likes of Reno are men who give their mother money to hide from their wives.

For me, I raise men who are REAL MEN…. we don’t give our mothers money to keep away from our partners. We give our spouses right to our wealth and if they ever ask for divorce, we give them a reasonable Portion of the wealth we built together, say goodbye and continue to be friends for the sake of the kids. That’s how real men role.

My name is Charles Awuzie and Achraf is not my hero.

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