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Who is Emeka Ike? Biography

Emeka Ike: History ‧ Bio ‧ Photo
Full Name: Emeka Ike
Born: 22 March 1967 (age 56 years old)
Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Imo State
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: Yaba College of Technology, University of Lagos
Height: 1.88 m
Parents: Comfort Ike, Elder Ike
Siblings: Victor Ike
Spouse: Yolanda Pfeiffer, Suzanne Emma (m. ?–2017)
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: Oluchi Ike, Michael Ike, Chinonso Kelly Efe Ike, Dike Jayson Ike, Oluwakemi Adanna Ike
Occupation: Actor • Filmmaker
Net Worth: US$3 million

Nollywood’s “lover boy,” Emeka Ike, has taken a long break from the film business. Are you aware of the reason? Let’s examine his biography and the numerous scandals that encircled his acting career. Take a seat back and unwind—there’s a lot to learn.

Emeka Ike is a native of Imo State, however, he was born in Lagos on March 22, 1967. Having grown up in Lagos, he speaks Yoruba with ease. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lagos after attending Yaba College of Technology.

His love of performing overcame everything. He first met renowned producer Charles Owoyemi in the 1990s through a senior colleague named Ernest Obi.


His role in the first successful film, Deadly Affair, in 1995 helped him become well-known in Nollywood. He didn’t stop there because he kept up his steady ascent to become one of Nollywood’s greatest actors.

He claims to have acted in over 300 films, all of which were lead roles. He is a highly skilled actor who is adored for his attractiveness and charm. Emeka is renowned for her lover-boy roles. She has acted romantically alongside numerous A-list actresses, including Rita Dominic, Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade, and Ini Edo.

Emeka hasn’t appeared on television in a long time. He traveled back and forth between Germany and Nigeria in 2020, making a few cameos in films.


After three years, the attractive man returned in the highly anticipated Toyin Abraham picture “Malaika,” which opens in theaters on December 22, 2023.

He portrayed Toyin’s husband in the film, which was titled “Anger is Furnace.” Speaking about the upcoming film in November 2023, Emeka mentioned that it was his first time seeing a film in a theater and that he chose to star in it because he loved the plot.

He promised that viewers would see more of him in action, so there’s plenty of suspense, drama, and action.

Following his performance in the motion picture “Malaika,” he has a growing list of acting roles. He is also scheduled to make another significant appearance in a film directed by seasoned director Teco Benson, in which he will portray a dashing/Zaddy-type character who is in charge of wealth, power, and resources.

When the interviewer praised his appearance on the show on Sunday, December 17, 2023, he disclosed this during his conversation with Hero Daniels of Rubbin Minds on Channels TV.

His struggles in life, including the fact that his acting salary wasn’t enough to cover his expenses, were one of the reasons he stayed out of the Nigerian film industry.

He had various business ventures. He was allegedly forced to pack from his rented apartment in Lagos in February 2014 due to his failure to pay the rent for three years, which totaled N8.5 million. However, the actor is currently enjoying success in Germany.

He was asked where he had been because he hadn’t been in a movie recently during his appearance on Channels TV’s Rubbin Minds on Sunday, December 17, 2023. He replied by claiming that he had been where other actors in his genre were.

He continued by saying that there was a period when they were all kicked out of the system without anyone understanding what had happened. He also mentioned that the Nollywood sector was impacted by new rules the government implemented.

The gifted actor clarified that the profession might completely alter with the implementation of one policy.

According to Emeka, there were years when people would rent movies and then they would all suddenly pass away.

He added that Nollywood was lost in the shift from purchasing movies in jackets to using decoders and that neither their inclusion nor their opinions were heard during that time. He claimed that decoders are currently utilized to watch movies.

The attractive actor went on to say that they were pulled off by the people who created the policies and were unable to carry out their necessary tasks. In the interview, Emeka also disclosed another reason for his extended absence from television.

He acknowledged that he was ashamed of what he didn’t do and that he was hiding in shame for a prolonged period of depression brought on by his marital crisis with his first ex-wife, Suzanne, adding that it was the price he paid for being a big man.

He added that at one time he wanted to k??ll (hilarious) show presenter, Ebuka, but that he had to cover his face till he realized what was going on with him.

He added that veteran actor Segun Arinze had appeared on the show and had labeled him a madman. He stated he thought he was going to meet Ebuka on the show.

Ike screams, saying he’s furious and resentful that Segun Arinze, who has no idea who he is, would say such things on national television.

He disclosed that there was a great deal of conflict within the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and that he was battling for the people as the de facto president, earning the moniker “president of the people.”

He continued by saying that in addition to fighting certain institutions and men (the oligarchs), assassins were waiting around to kill him. He mentioned that the news was widely disseminated and that he was up against shooters.

Emeka went on to say that assassins had broken into his home and attacked him in the street to kill him. He stated that it was not Segun Arinze, Ejike Asiegbu, or Ibinabo Fiberesima and that he would be burying his mother shortly. He lost his mother in October of 2023.

He added that although Ibinabo had called to say she would be attending his late mother’s funeral, he had believed at the time that Ibinabo intended to murder him.

Emeka disclosed that the woman responsible for it was in a secluded place, noting that public knowledge of the risks celebrities face is extensive.

In a funny statement, he mentioned that artist Burna Boy had declared, “La Las, we’ll all eat breakfast,” and that everyone had already started eating.

When asked how he overcame obstacles to make an incredible comeback in the box-office hit film “Malaika,” he said that he realized that people were jealous of his success and were after him for who he was. He then asked himself what he would do next and realized that he should stay vigilant, continue doing the things that he needed to do correctly, and continue investing in himself.

He claimed that although he was pursuing African Magic in court for a year, he is no longer doing so because he now owns a TV channel.

He claimed to be the owner of Nollywood TV on Startimes (Channel 62), and that building the pillar that will support one’s next ascent requires constantly reinventing oneself, making the most of life’s setbacks, and persevering through them.

In response to his comments about experiencing marital problems, which he was being accused of having, the interviewer stated he never went online to explain anything and that it was hard for him to explain himself because the same individuals who had harassed him online were still there to disparage him.

He claimed that his secondary school, Saint Nicholas College in Magodo, Lagos, was closed and that an investment of over 480 million Naira was lost. He further claimed that he had never physically abused his ex-wife, asking her about reports of him doing so in the media. However, she responded that he was a celebrity and that the media could always fabricate stories to support their claims.

Emeka said that he was naive until he realized that his ex-wife was the one driving things. He also mentioned that some women these days are very eager to be married, and although his ex-wife had previously informed him that he wasn’t the marriage type, he had never understood her.

He said that young men should be aware that many women these days are not married and that they are the ones who attract guys. He also added that good women don’t exhibit the characteristics that make someone want to go out on the town with them. However, those women who make things clear to others will ultimately make mistakes.

Emeka expressed his dejection upon learning that the person he confided in was aware that men had visited his home, set up meetings, discussed his problems, and that blackmail was the intended answer.

He said that his school was closed and that the pupils had been told to return home, saying he was too busy managing the backlog to be aware of anything more.

In addition, he said that his marriage and school were closed the day he took off for an American film shoot, and they had arranged and known about his trip beforehand.

Emeka Ike confirmed that he was planning to direct and star in a film. He also mentioned that he was on the radio when his ex-wife rang the bell and informed the pupils that the school was closing.

Ike claimed that his houses and possessions had been transferred and that he had never anticipated returning home to nothing. He said that just his travel bag accompanied him when he returned from America and that they had relocated 80% of his property to Lagos.

He claimed that because he couldn’t defend his land, he felt like killing himself because people were building on it. He clarified that upon his return from the United States, he discovered that many of his possessions, including real estate documents, honors, and photos with dignitaries, were missing.

He claimed that he had no trouble at all relating to Toyin Abraham’s film “Malaika” since the character experienced a wide range of emotions and resilience, including perplexity, rage, deceit, and manipulation, all of which he was unable to pinpoint the source of.

He remarked that occasionally, people desire to please other people, but they are unaware that the person they are trying to please is manipulating.

He enquired as to Hero Daniels’ marital status and expressed regret for the younger generation that has not yet entered into marriage. He continued, saying that yesterday night, on Saturday, December 16, 2023, while he was arriving from Saudi Arabia, he was asking someone at Aminu Kano International Airport.

He expressed regret for the young men who have not yet tied the knot, saying that the perception of women beaters is that they are all about money, that they don’t like single men, and that being a wealthy and popular man is a prerequisite for being a woman beater because carpenters and bricklayers are not viewed as such in the social sphere.

He went on to say that anybody who deals with assassins is a criminal and that people should be aware of how contaminated Nigerian society is.

He claimed to be from Germany and that his family is from Nuremberg. He continued by saying that people in Germany don’t just go on camera and post anything they want, and when he hears people argue that this is their right, he asks, “Is it your right to abuse me, give me a wrong image, and sorry is what I get from it?” adding that social media in Nigeria needs to be regulated.

In addition, the interviewer questioned whether his ex-wife had shown regret for the split. He said that he was sorry for being falsely accused, to which Emeka replied that if it was intentional, there wouldn’t be any apology because there would be a lot of groundwork to be done. He claimed that he was being pursued like a rabbit and that shooters had visited his home.

The TV host should visit the Ogudu-Magodo Police Post, he said, so that he can view the statement he made about how mask guys broke into his house and then went for Segun Arinze and other people he believed were trying to kill him because he was defending them. There was a great deal of manipulation, he claimed.

“How can you get a school back?” Rubbin’ Minds Presenter Hero Daniels questioned him if he had returned to school. Festus Keyamo, who is currently the minister of aviation, initially expressed interest in representing me. Upon observing the damage, he counseled me to leave the school immediately as it was already severely damaged.

When the school’s proprietress got up on the day I was leaving for America to close the school, parents had already started removing their children, so I was unable to preserve the institution. She announced to the school that she was not a lone operator after ringing the bell.

Instructors wept because they had no idea how to land their next position, and pupils sobbed because they would miss their pals. And all he received was unceasing abuse to the point where he asked his kids if he hit their mother, to which they replied, “No.”

Emeka stated that after building his ex-wife a house in Lagos, which proved insufficient, he constructed a three-bedroom apartment for her mother in Isoko and educated her.

He continued by saying that he was at Yabatech and that he had connections who are deans of departments at the University of Lagos. He brought her to see them, and she got admitted.

He said that she drove his newest cars and that he had improved her life, but she returned the favor by being wicked.

Emeka said that most young guys make the mistake of just getting a lovely lady and showing love without knowing if she would return the favor. He was investing in someone who wasn’t investing in him, and although he loved her, she didn’t love him back.

Emeka declared emphatically that his ex-wife has been hiding and has never expressed regret. He claimed that last week, he came across a post that said, “Emeka Ike is having fun with his new South African wife after he divorced his ex-wife,” and he pointed out that he had never actually divorced his ex-wife; rather, she had filed for divorce on her own.

He clarified that although he was on his knees and Felix Duke and his sisters were appearing in court, she was not listening. He claimed that she appeared to be the victim of blackmail and that interacting with gunmen eventually led to them taking control of themselves.

When the interviewer asked if it was her fault because she was being blackmailed, Emeka said that it was because she chose that path. She also mentioned that she had been away from his house for ten years before suddenly showing up last year while he was getting his kids’ visas ready to travel to Germany so they could also move on.

He claimed that he had seen many slip-ups and that he had to give up his fame to devote more time to his children. He was able to lift his children out of despair and raise them, but at the moment, she is in custody of them, and he hasn’t seen them in two years.

On December 23, 2023, he said in an interview on TVC’s “Your View” Show that he is happily married to a South African woman and blessed with children. He added that he has moved on and is attempting to deal with the wave of emotions, but that if his ex-wife Suzanne Emma says foolish things in the media, he will divulge a lot of personal information.

Emeka Ike’s long battle with the Actors Guild Of Nigeria(AGN) and how it ended

Emeka’s spat with the Actors Guild of Nigeria reportedly began in 2010 when the organization’s board of trustees invited him to take on the role of president and stated that Ejike Asiegbu was the cause of the issue.

He said that since he believed in the rule of law and that the current president, Ejike Asiegbu, had been in power for a long time and didn’t want to step down, he brought him to court. However, after learning that the five board of trustees members were the issue, they put up a valiant fight to ensure their removal from the association.

When Ibinabo Fiberesima, a veteran actress and former beauty queen, was elected president of AGN, Emeka, the association’s factional president, criticized her.

An ex-convict cannot be a leader, he asserts. The protracted conflict ended in 2013. In an interview, Emeka said that even the people he was fighting for didn’t value his efforts and that his wife had pleaded with him to stop. He disassociated himself from Nollywood and pledged never to work with the organization for many years.

When Ibinabo struck down Dr. Suraj Giwa of Lagos in 2006 while intoxicated, Judge Deborah Oluwayemi found him guilty of manslaughter and gave him a five-year prison sentence. But after her attorney, Nnaemeka Amaechina filed an appeal, she was eventually given bail.

Emeka Ike separated from his first wife, Suzanne Emma in 2017

Their divorce was the result of many issues, but Emeka insisted that domestic abuse was the reason he and his first wife separated. Additionally, Emeka was accused of being a woman abuser; he believed that some AGN (Actors Guild of Nigeria) members were behind this accusation.

Emeka and his ex-wife had a carnival-themed wedding in 2000. It was the talk of the town, an event attended by stars. For him, Suzanne has four children.

I Wanted To Act But He Never Let Me Become An Actress- Emeka Ike’s Ex-wife, Suzanne Emma

She has now told the truth to the media for the first time after being the target of multiple accusations made against her by her former spouse. In an interview with a well-known media personality for his program “With Chude,” Suzanne denied being pleaded with in court by Emeka and other family members.

When Suzanne revealed she was in an abusive marriage, Chude questioned what she meant. She said that the abuse began as verbal, constantly pulling her down, mental agony, and financial abuse because Emeka wouldn’t let her work.

She went on to say that she connected with him because she wanted to become an actress. She claimed to have just completed her secondary education and to have been eighteen at the time. They were already in a relationship when she mentioned that she was modeling and was searching for someone to support her. He advised her not to act since it would ruin their relationship. Emma confirmed that he put an end to her modeling career as well.

She also said that in 1999, an agency approached her to sponsor her for Miss Nigeria, but he turned her down, saying he couldn’t handle her crying if she didn’t win. She then had to go back to the agency and tell them her parents didn’t want her to compete, as well as that the agency dumped her because she didn’t know what to say to them.

Emma revealed that she was the one who encouraged Emeka to be married because they were going to have their second kid soon after they were married. Emma said that she met Emeka when she was eighteen, but they were married when she was twenty-three.

She disclosed that she was sorry to marry him, that Emeka Ike arrived late for their wedding because he was filming a movie in the US, and that his family had never given them a blessing.

Emma confirmed that she took her two younger children and left his house because she thought they still needed her.

She said that due to her husband, Emeka Ike, she had previously tried suicide three times and jumped out of a moving car. She added that he had not disclosed any of these details to the public.

She went on to say that the pastors from the church had been to see her, and while she was in her room threatening to cut her wrist with a knife, he and the pastors were hammering on the bathroom door.

She admitted that there are moments when she would rather have him beat her than say deplorable things about her because he frequently calls her a worthless moron.

When Emma’s child got sick and she was trying to talk to them at the hospital since she didn’t have any money, her ex-husband came and started calling her names and insulting her, Emma said that’s when the physical assault started.

She claimed that after becoming enraged by his disparaging comments, she got into her car, and Emeka followed her out in the open, punching her.

Since he has consistently maintained that he created her, she said he is an authoritarian. Emma went on to say that she is appreciative of that and that she was 18 when they first met and was expecting two of his children when she enrolled in college. However, she needed to be able to support herself and pursue her interests, but he wouldn’t let her.

According to Suzanne, Emeka never built her mother’s home, unlike what he said to the public, and the house was constructed in the 1970s. They are appreciative of the monetary gift he provided her for renovations.

She continued by saying that the school Emeka Ike had mentioned was valued at N100 million that year. She had departed in October, in the middle of the year, but the school had continued to operate for the entire term without her knowledge.

She claimed that she didn’t know he had moved the kids to Abuja and hadn’t resumed classes until January.

Concerning the problems with Emeka Ike returning from the US following a film shoot and not being able to view any of his property again, Emma clarified that they had run out of money and had been given a deadline by the landlord to vacate the property. As a result, she packed up everything they owned and moved to the school compound, sleeping on the floor with her kids in Emeka’s mother’s tiny Isolo apartment while she moved to Magodo to oversee the school.

Emeka finds love again and marries South African model, Yolanda

With Yolanda Pfeiffer, a model stationed in Germany, Emeka experienced love once more. Yolanda is a South African woman, and in October 2019, they welcomed their first child. He frequently showed his wife his love on social media.

Emeka Ike’s net worth

The actor has succeeded in accumulating a sizeable fortune through performing, producing, directing, and business ventures. An estimate of his net worth is $2 million.

Among the most tenacious and diligent people in the Nigerian entertainment industry is Emeka Ike. He is now well-known both locally and globally as a result of this. Even though his first marriage was difficult and ended in divorce, he was fortunate to find love once more.

Where Is Emeka Ike?

Emeka Ike is now a pastor in Nuremberg, Germany

He related sweet stories of his times spent preaching and praying before God’s altar on multiple occasions. He is now well entrenched in God’s ways. Between 2018 and 2020, the actor acted in a few films before returning to Germany. Watch the video down below.

Emeka Ike’s cars and houses

Emeka owns a lavish residence in Lagos and drives some of the newest vehicles available. He currently resides in Germany with his spouse. He posted beautiful pictures of some of his cars on July 31, 2022, and expressed gratitude for his previous investment choices. Watch the video below to see his house and vehicles.

Emeka Ike Mother

On Friday, November 10, 2023, Emeka Ike lost his mother, Mama Comfort Ike, to the merciless grip of death. Using his own Instagram profile, he made the announcement and hailed her as his hero. Celebrities and fans have expressed their condolences and bid her farewell via messages.

Social Media

  • Instagram: Emeka Ike (@emekaikeofficial)
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  • Facebook: EMEKA IKE
  • Twitter: Emeka Ike (@RealEmekaIke)

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Where is Emeka Ike now?

The actor is making a spectacular comeback to the Nigerian film business. After the tumultuous divorce proceedings, he had taken a vacation from the entertainment industry to recuperate. Additionally, it was reported that he stormed off the screen following an extended altercation with the producers, who demanded sex in return for roles in the movie business.

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