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Charles Owino Biography

I’m a youthful, client-focused professional with a wealth of knowledge and a strong interest in history and Kiswahili education. I’ve proven to be a charismatic leader with excellent interpersonal communication skills who can collaborate with people from a variety of backgrounds. After earning my degree from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, I am certified to teach both history and kiswahili. When it comes to dealing with societal issues, victims, and the general public, I have a high degree of integrity, professionalism, teamwork, time consciousness, and empathy. I can also establish good and trustworthy settings and complete deadlines on time. a critical thinker who is considerate to others from different social, cultural, and ethnic origins.

Charles Owino is a well-known individual in Kenya who has had a varied career in both politics and the police force. This Charles Owino biography will explore Charles Owino’s life and accomplishments, including his age, family, education, police career, political career, conflicts, net worth, and responses to frequently asked questions.


Name Charles Owino
Date of birth 12th August 1968
Occupation Politician, businessman
Political party Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)
Education Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Nairobi
Current position Governor of Siaya County
Net worth $10 million (estimated)

Charles Owino Age

Charles Owino was born on December 22, 1968, and is currently 54 years old. He was born in Ugenya, Kenya’s Siaya County. Charles Owino is getting close to his mid-50s and has a plethora of expertise in politics and law enforcement.

Charles Owino Education

Charles Owino’s commitment to learning and personal development is demonstrated by his educational history. He went to the elementary and secondary schools in the area before deciding to continue his study. His Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology demonstrates his dedication to comprehending the intricacies of law enforcement.

Charles Owino Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Charles Owino is $10 million.


Charles Owino Wife and Children

Charles Owino keeps his personal life fairly secret, and not much is known about his family. It is known, meanwhile, that he is a devoted husband and father who has received support from his family throughout his professional life.

Charles Owino Career in Police

The career of Charles Owino in the Kenyan police force is remarkable. He enlisted in the army at an early age and advanced through the ranks as a result of his commitment, aptitude, and leadership abilities. Among the major achievements of his police career are:

Service in Various Capacities

Charles Owino was a police officer, investigator, and public relations specialist, among other positions he held in the force.

Spokesperson for the Police

As the long-serving National Police Service Spokesperson, he became well-known. In this capacity, he interacted with the public and media and successfully conveyed police operations.

Role in Reform Initiatives

Owino was a key player in police reform campaigns, trying to raise the public’s opinion of the police and increase their professionalism.

Charles Owino Career in Politics

Charles Owino’s entry into politics was an obvious next step after working as a law enforcement officer. After leaving the police department, he entered the political sphere and has since become well-known. Among his political career’s high points are:

Political Party Affiliation

Charles Owino is a member of one of Kenya’s leading political parties, and he has taken an active part in campaigns and party events.

Legislative Roles

He represented his electorate as a Member of Parliament (MP) and influenced legislative decisions during his tenure.

Charles Owino Controversies

Charles Owino has encountered controversy throughout his career, much like many other public figures. Several disputes have been linked to him, such as:

Allegations of Misconduct

While he was a police officer, there have been accusations of misbehavior, albeit they have mostly gone unsubstantiated.

Political Controversies

His political career has also generated controversy, especially when his positions have conflicted with those of other parties or people.

Charles Owino Wealth and Corruption

Having served in the force for some time, he can now live comfortably. Years before, in a screening process, he had disclosed his financial source in full. He claimed to be the sole viable remedy for the issues the police force is currently confronting. The former deputy inspector general disclosed that his fish farm brings in millions of dollars.

He continued by saying that it was unjust to give someone with too little money so much power and that corruption in the service was caused by low morale and inadequate compensation.

In a 2015 interview, he stated, “It is said that police officers with guns and dogs make Sh16,000 a month, compared to KK guards who only make Sh35,000 with a rungu.”

Charles Owino Family

He has made the decision to keep his family private because he is a man who enjoys being in the spotlight. He did, however, once admit that he lost the mother of his children in a hit-and-run accident; however, as no one was able to obtain the car’s license plate, justice was never done.

What is Charles Owino’s political party?

A member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party is Charles Owino.

What is Charles Owino’s education qualification?

Charles Owino graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

How many terms has Charles Owino served as Governor of Siaya County?

Siaya County has had two periods of governor led by Charles Owino. He was chosen again in 2022 after being elected in 2017.

What are some of the controversies that Charles Owino has been involved in?

Charles Owino is accused of violence and corruption. But he’s never had a criminal conviction.

What is Charles Owino’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of Charles Owino is $10 million.

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