Abdulrasheed Abdullahi Maina Sentenced To 61 years In Prison – Abdulmatin Salihu

Abdulrasheed Abdullahi Maina Sentenced To 61 Years In Prison – Abdulmatin Salihu

Mismanagement and exploitation of public funds however have been the major problem or hiccup for Nigeria’s development since 1999.

Most public and civil servants get involved in the act directly or indirectly and the system failed to acknowledge and bring the individuals to the book.

The EFCC which has been set up for check and balance also for bringing any citizen found wanting for any financial crime has been one-sided over the years.

Abdulrasheed Bawa who happens to be the current serving chairman of the commission tried to be objective but to which accounts when individuals like Abdulraseed Maina couldn’t not be apprehended to face justice.

Abdulrasheed who has been heading the Pension Reform tasks force allegedly stole pension fund worth 2billion naira and has despaired, until recently, he was captured in one of the neighboring country. The federal high court on the 8th of November sentenced him to 61years of correctional services facility time.

The state at which government agencies are being negligible and incompetent is at alarming rate, which needed more attention by the FG to motivate or change the operatives in a whole.

Even without Maina in captivity, the juged who sentenced him to 61years of prison which was interpreted to becoming 8 years of prison time was very lenient and inconsiderate.

Harsh penalties should be given to civil and public servants who are found guilty of such crime so that others can maintain decorum.



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