BREAKING: Abuja To Kaduna Train Was Attacked

Abuja To Kaduna Train Was Attacked

According to some sources, the last train coming back from Abuja to Kaduna was somehow attacked by some anonymous threats which involves an explosion on the rail tracks and several gun shots. Information gotten have it that the incident almost cost the life of the driver which he was so lucky to be dragged down miraculously out of his sit.

The train which one of its commuters was the former NUJ Chairman Kaduna, Garba Mohammad which was suspected to be one of the targets, but according to him,  the train successfully took off all well from Abuja but eventually as they were only 2 stations to their final destination at Rigasa, a loudly bang happened and gradually halted the train. He also noted that there were very few police officers with them at about 40 kilometers to Rigasa Station, he said “the electricity failed, no air conditioners we had to open windows, no network, water, causing people to drink from the toilets taps making the toilet unusable and 40 kilometers to Kaduna we heard a loud sound then we were asked to take cover by the security agents while they were moving around.



He further added that there have been some security reinforcement from the Military that escorted them to Rigasa four hours later with a new mobility.

He was asked if it was bandits attacked, he said: “some people said it was an attack, but there was no threat to us throughout  the incident, we were only stranded for about four hours.

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