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Mercy Kenneth Biography

Mercy Kenneth is a young Nollywood actress, comedian, singer, and fashion model from Nigeria.

She is well-known for playing children’s roles in films like Princess is Mine and Daddy’s Daughter.

She is also a musician and social media influencer known for humorous skits, which she publishes on her social media platforms.


Mercy Kenneth is an Instagram celebrity with a large following.

She is also known for her extensive religious background.

Adaeze’s parents are prominent religious leaders in Lagos, Nigeria.


Mercy Kenneth Biography
Mercy Kenneth Biography

Mercy Kenneth Profile

Real name: Mercy Kenneth Okonkwo
Nickname: Adaeze
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 7 April 2009
Age: 13 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac sign: Aries
Place of birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
Current residence: Lagos State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Ethnicity: Black
Religion: Christianity
Sexuality: Straight
Height in feet: 5′ 5″
Height in centimeters: 165
Weight in pounds: 110
Weight in kilograms: 50
Body measurements inches: 25-20-32
Body measurements in centimeters: 63-50-81
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark brown
father: Kenneth Okonkwo
Siblings: 4
Occupation: Actress, musician, fashion model, and comedian
Mercy Kenneth Biography
Mercy Kenneth Biography

Mercy Kenneth’s Early Life

The young actress was born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria. Mercy Kenneth’s parents are preachers from Lagos, Nigeria.

Who’s Mercy Kenneth’s father? Her father’s name is Kenneth Okonkwo, which is the same as Nollywood star Kenneth Okonkwo.

Mercy Kenneth’s siblings include Onyedika, Caleb, Goodnews, and Dalinson Chukwudalu.

Mercy Kenneth Parents

Mercy Kenneth is the sole female child of Mr. Mercy Kenneth Okonkwo, a preacher, producer, marketer, and CEO of Global Update Movies LTD, and Mrs. Ifeoma Blessing Okonkwo, a businesswoman.

Mercy Kenneth State of Origin

Mercy was born and reared in Lagos, however, she is originally from Anambra. She is presently attending senior secondary school.

Mercy Kenneth Education
             Mercy Kenneth Education

Mercy Kenneth Education

The social media star has attended many schools in Lagos and holds various diplomas to prove it. However, Mercy Keneth’s first school remains unknown.

Then, in July 2021, she claimed to have graduated from her secondary school, Henna-Teck International School, where she received her O-level results.

Mercy Kenneth Career

Mercy Kenneth began her career experience at a young age.

She is known for her propensity to weep abundantly in movies.

She was recently honored as Teen Act of the Year at the Nigerian Women Achievers Awards.

Mercy has appeared in films like Peacemaker, Princess is Mine, Battle Cry, Just For Nothing, and Chetanna My Love.

She has worked with Nigerian Nollywood stars including Nkwokoye, Mercy Johnson, Ken Erics, Regina Daniels, and Zubby Michael.

Mercy is not only an actress but also a comedian and a promising singer.

She has various songs, including Let My People Go, Wake Up from Sleep, and Original Mama.

Mercy Kenneth’s films

Here is a list of some of her films:

Two Lives

Prince of My Heart

Trials of Faith

Just For Nothing

Rain of Tears

The Rejected Stone

Madam Kids


My House Rent

Battle Cry

War Room Diary of an Orphan

My Guardian Angel

The Problem Twins

The Bitter and Sweet Life of Teenage Singing Prodigy

Prevailing Desire

My Life’s Mystery

Time of Ignorance

Little Lioness

The Pride of a Good Mother

Daddy’s Daughter

Child Molester

Obiageri, the Only Child of Father

My Father’s Wife is a Fool.

Mercy Kenneth’s Songs

The following is a list of Mercy’s songs:

Teacher Adaeze I Will Give You My Best Nigeria Should Wake Up From Sleep What Is School For Nne Oma ( Good Mother) Daddy I Love You There Is God O Mummy I Love You School Bus Is Waiting

Mercy Kenneth’s Personal Life

Mercy Kenneth refers to herself as Kenneth Okonkwo’s daughter in her Instagram and YouTube comedy videos, leading many people to believe she was talking to Nollywood star Kenneth Okonkwo.

It’s because she discovered her affinity for acting at a very young age. Mercy Kenneth is beautiful and talented.

She is originally from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria’s southeastern region, although her state of origin has yet to be divulged for this study.

She is incredibly imaginative and good at acting and interpreting movie roles. She knows how to interpret her roles well and can fit into any character assigned to her by Nigerian film directors and producers.

She is best recognized for her roles in Daddy’s Daughter and Princess Is Mine. Mercy Kenneth has no married husband, children, or boyfriends.

Mercy Kenneth Siblings
               Mercy Kenneth Siblings

Mercy Kenneth Siblings

The young celebrity is a twin, with four additional brothers. According to a Facebook post, her twin was a boy who may have been named Goodness but died for unknown reasons.

The young actress has four brothers: Onyedika Kenneth, Goodnews Kenneth, Dalinson Chukwudu Kenneth, and Kenneth Caleb.

Aside from her mother, the entire family appears to have a talent for the film industry, as her brothers are performers and producers.

Onyedike and Dalinson are producers and editors for Global Update Movies; Onyedike is also the founder of Shutte Studios.

Caleb Keneth, like his sister, is an actress who attends Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK), while Goodnews, the youngest brother, works as a youthful editor in Global Update movies.

Mercy Kenneth Awards and Nominations
   Mercy Kenneth Awards and Nominations

Mercy Kenneth Awards and Nominations

The talented actress has appeared in several films and has won several prizes, some of which are nominations.

  • National Royal Awards in the category of next-rated actress of the year in 2021
  • Nomination for Nigeria Women Achievers Awards in the category of Teen Act of the Year in 2022
  • Nomination for The Fastest Rising Actor of the Year by Mainland TV Fashion Show and Awards in 2022

Mercy Kenneth Boyfriend

The young actress is now single. She’s only 13 years old and too young for a love relationship.

Mercy Kenneth's Net Worth
         Mercy Kenneth’s Net Worth

Mercy Kenneth’s Net Worth

Mercy Kenneth is possibly one of the richest young and growing actors, with a net worth estimated at $75,000 by 2023.

Mercy Kenneth Phone Number

Mercy has never released her phone number online; however, you can contact her through her official Instagram account, Mercy Kenneth. She is always active on Instagram, and you may follow her throughout her live chat to tell her what’s on your mind.


🥺🥺 #mercykenneth35 #mercykenneth #trend

♬ Snapchat – Ruger

Mercy Kenneth Movies

Mercy Kenneth has starred in various movies, some of which are listed below:

  • Just For Nothing
  • Trials of faith
  • The Rejected Stone
  • Madam Kids
  • Two lives
  • Prince of my heart
  • Rain of Tears
  • Peacemaker
  • My House Rent
  • War Room
  • Battle Cry
  • Diary of an Orphan
  • My Guardian Angel
  • Little Lioness
  • My father’s wife is a fool
  • The pride of a good mother
  • Father’s daughter
  • Child Molester
  • Prevailing desire
  • Time of ignorance

Mercy Kenneth Discography

  • Teacher Adaeze
  • Original Mama

How Old Is Mercy Kenneth Presently

Mercy Kenneth’s date of birth is April 7, 2009. Mercy Kenneth is 13 years old as of 2022. Her astrological sign is Aries.

Is Mercy Kenneth the same as her twin?

Mercy isn’t a twin.

What state is Mercy Kenneth from?

The comic star hails from Imo State, Nigeria. Mercy Kenneth’s family currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

What Class Is Mercy Kenneth?

She is currently in SS2 and studying in Lagos. The beautiful actress balances her acting profession and her studies.

Is Mercy Kenneth Kenneth Okonkwo’s daughter?

Although they share the same surname, she is not the daughter of famed politician and actor Kenneth Okonkwo. Mercy is the daughter of Kenneth Okonkwo, CEO of Global Update Movie Limited.

What You Need To Know About Mercy Kenneth’s Father

Mercy Kenneth’s father, Kenneth Okonkwo, is an actor, marketer, distributor, and producer. He is the CEO of Global Update Movies Limited, a YouTube channel with more than 270,000 subscribers. He’s happily married to Beauty Okonkwo and has five children.

On Women’s Day, he uploaded a beautiful snapshot of his wife and begged that God would keep her.

Who Is Mercy Kenneth’s Biological Mother?

Mercy’s mother, Beauty Okonkwo (called Global Beauty), is an entrepreneur. She offers men’s and women’s items in the Alaba International Market in Lagos.

Is Mercy Kenneth’s Father, Kenneth Okonkwo related to popular Actor And Politician, Kenneth Okonkwo?

No, they are not connected by blood yet have the same surname. It’s purely coincidental.

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