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Ritchie Valens brother Bob Morales Biography

The well-known American mechanic and vehicle enthusiast Bob Morales. He was best recognized for being Ritchie Valens’ older brother, who is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. As soon as his single La Bamba was released, Bob’s brother became famous.

In 1937, Morales was born. The San Fernando Valley in the United States of America is where he was born. Concepcion Reyes is his mother, and it is unknown who his biological father is. Along with Ritchie Valens, Mario Ramirez, Connie, Irma, and other siblings, Bob grew up.

Throughout the 1950s, Morales and his family labored in agricultural camps in San Jose. Through the production and the sale of agricultural products, his family supported itself. Bob’s educational history includes a graduation from San Fernando High School.

Morales’ precise birth date is unknown, and his birth sign is also a mystery. Morales is a white citizen of American descent. There are no details currently available regarding Morales’ height, weight, or other physical characteristics. Bob had a beautiful smile on his face, and dark brown eyes.

Bob Morales Profile summary

Full Name Bob Morales
Profession Mechanic
Popular For Being the brother of Ritchie Valens
Age (As in 2022) 81 years(1937-2018)
Date of Birth 1937
Zodiac Sign N/A
Birth Place San Fernando Valley, the USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Estimated net worth $100,000
Mother Concepcion Reyes
Wife Rosie Caballero(till 1970s) Joanie Morales(1979-Till his death)
Children Brenda, Robert, Nora, Richard, Jerry, Barbara, and one other
Siblings Ritchie Valens, Mario Ramirez(Brothers) and Connie, Irma(Sisters)

Bob Morales Early Life & Education

As of 2023, Bob Morales will be 86 years old. He was born on March 9, 1937, in the San Fernando Valley of the United States. He grew up with two younger brothers, Ritchie Valens and Mario Ramirez, two younger sisters, Connie and Irma, and was of Mexican descent.

Bob finished his studies by going to San Fernando High School. His early years saw the development of his passion for automobiles, which paved the way for his future job as a technician.

Bob Morales Personal Life

Bob Morales’ personal life was full of adventure. He wed twice and had kids in both of those unions. Rosie Caballero, with whom he had seven children, was the subject of his first union.

They unfortunately got divorced since Bob’s drinking caused problems in their relationship.

Bob and Joanie Morales met while working at a rehabilitation facility, where they later were married in 1979. We are unable to provide any additional information on his private life or any relationships he may have had before getting married.

Bob Morales Career

Bob Morales used his extensive knowledge and love of cars to build a prosperous profession as a technician. He rose to prominence in the automobile industry because to his knowledge and commitment.

Bob established his own garage where he offered his customers high-quality mechanical services as a result of his skill set and dedication.

He made a significant contribution to the industry, which earned him respect and affection from other technicians and auto fans.

Bob Morales Wife, Marriage

Over the course of his life, Morales married twice. After dating Rosie Caballero for a considerable amount of time, he wed her. Bo first fell in love with Rosie when he was a little boy. In North Carolina, Bob first ran into her. Seven children total—Brenda (his daughter), Robert, Nora, Richard, Jerry, and Barbara—were born to him and Rosie. But because of Morales’ binge drinking, the relationship between Bob and Rosie did not last very long.

In the late 1970s, Morales moved to Santa Cruz County. He also met Joanie Morales, his second wife, in Santa Cruz County. While they were both employed at a rehab facility, he first encountered Joanie. In 1979, Bob wed her there in the drug rehab facility.

Bob Morales Death

At the age of 81, Morales passed away on September 15, 2018. In his house on the central coast, Bob breathed his last breath. At the time, he was battling prostate cancer, which ultimately took his life.

Several motorcycle organizations paid Bob homage after his passing. Prior to his passing, Morales proudly sported a mohawk. He was moreover often detained by police for using a vehicle without a current driver’s license. For the majority of the last 25 years of his life, Bob had no driver’s license.

Bob Morales Net worth

Since Morales is a mechanic by trade, his net worth is not as high as that of some well-known celebrities. Numerous estimates place Bob’s net worth at around $100,000 at the time of his passing. But thanks to his brother’s wealth, Bob had a prosperous and luxurious life.

Bob Morales Trivia

In 1937, Morales was born.

Morales is a white citizen of American descent.

At the age of 81, Morales passed away on September 15, 2018.

According to numerous reports, Bob’s net worth is $100,000.

On social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Morales was inactive.

Bob Morales History

At the age of 7, Morales started riding motorbikes. At the age of 11, he started motorcycle racing. His dad gave him a Yamaha YZ 80 so he could race motorcycles. By 1976, he had won over 20 awards for dirt biking. When his parents’ divorce prevented them from funding his motorcycle racing, he switched to BMX bike racing at the age of 13.

He began into BMX racing in 1977 by taking part in a nearby competition. There, he met another competitor R.L. Osborn, and the two of them grew close. Father of R.L. Osborn founded BMX Action magazine and made a name for himself in the BMX and Freestyle BMX sports. He met Bob Haro, who subsequently helped to create the sport of freestyle BMX, through the Osborns.

At the age of 14, Morales launched his first company, which he called BME, short for Bob Morales Enterprises. As a vendor at BMX tracks and through mail-order advertisements in BMX periodicals, BME offered stickers and clothing with the BMX logo. In 1983, BME changed into DYNO Design.

Bob Haro invited Morales to accompany him on a tour of the country in 1980 to promote the emerging sport of freestyle BMX. Together, they went on tour, playing to packed houses in the Midwest, Eastern United States, and some of Canada. In order to promote events in this rapidly expanding sport, Morales founded the Amateur Skate Park Association (ASPA), later known as the American Freestyle Association (AFA), in 1982. When the AFA was at its height, in 1986, Madison Square Garden in New York City played host to a BMX Freestyle competition with over 5,000 spectators and a sizable prize pool for the winners.

To start the first BMX Freestyle teams for Haro Bikes (1980), Kuwahara (bicycle business) (1982), and GT Bicycles (1983), Morales teamed up with friend and fellow freestyle rider Eddie Fiola.

Jim Jannard, the creator of Oakley, Inc., requested Morales and Fiola’s participation in the 1982 AMA Supercross at Anaheim Stadium in front of 40,000 fans. Additionally, Jannard invited Morales & Fiola to perform at an exclusive Oakley athlete party called “Factory Pilot Nite” held at the company’s Lake Forest headquarters. Morales has drawn inspiration from Jannard and Oakley, Inc. throughout his life for his product ideas.

In order to focus on his two companies, the American Freestyle Association (AFA) and DYNO Design, which has been producing BMX equipment since 1983, Morales retired from competitive riding in 1985. He sold DYNO Design to GT Bicycles in 1985 and started working there as a designer after the company eventually changed its name to DYNO Bicycles. While employed for GT Bicycles, he received his first patent for a bicycle frame design.

Additionally in 1985, Morales shared the screen alongside other professional freestyle BMX riders Eddie Fiola, R.L. Osborn, Ron Wilkerson, and Pat Romano in the first action-sports-themed Mountain Dew beverage television ad. Later on in the year, Morales joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and pursued a career as a commercial actor, appearing in a number of big-name national advertisements.

In 1985, Morales established Mor Distributing, and in 1986, he added Todd Huffman as a partner. Initially, Mor Distributing was a dealer of bicycles and parts for businesses like DYNO. Using Morales’ original two-piece frame design, Morales and Huffman founded their own companies in 1988, including Auburn Cycles. In order to compete in the bicycle market’s rapidly expanding scooter section at the time, the Scootster brand of scooters was also developed by Mor Distributing. Later, in 1992, they sold the Auburn name to GT Bicycles.

For many years, GT continued to promote and sell Auburn bicycles. In order to offer product and advertising design to the bicycle industry, Morales founded Group B Design in 1989. HUTCH Bicycles, Iron Horse Bicycles, and Western Auto were clients in Group B. For the “A Frame” bicycle frame for Iron Horse Bicycles, Morales received a second patent. Iron Horse bicycles are credited with becoming a globally renowned brand thanks to Morales.

Morales founded KORE Bicycle Components in 1988, and he also received three further patents for designs of bicycle parts for BMX and mountain bikes. Several financial partners joined KORE in 1993. To market and distribute bicycle frame designs he had developed for the BMX and Mountain Bike sectors, Morales founded the MORALES Bicycle Company in 1993. In 1998, Morales ceded his ownership stake in KORE to his partners. He kept control of Morales Bicycle Company.

Later in 1998, he started promoting motocross races at the storied Carlsbad Raceway and founded the CMXR (Carlsbad Motocross Racing) racing organization. To develop, promote, and distribute his innovations, Morales established ASV innovations, Inc. in the early 2000s. ASV became a well-known brand for motorcycle components and accessories, and Morales received further patents for goods sold under the ASV name. ASV Inventions purchased Universal Engineering, Inc., a manufacturer of motocross equipment and accessories, in late 2007.

In 2011, Morales introduced his family to BMX racing at a track in his community where he had previously competed. Dane Morales, the middle son of Morales, excelled at bicycle racing and went on to win both national and international championships. Designing BMX racing products for young BMX racers was motivated by Morales’ engagement in his young son’s racing. In 2013, Morales revived his former bicycle company Auburn Cycles with the release of a BMX mini racing frame produced in America and created especially for his son Dane to compete in.

At a ceremony held at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center in California on September 8, 2018, Morales was officially admitted into the National BMX Hall of Fame. For his contributions to the BMX bicycle industry, Morales was honored with induction.

In addition to his interests in two-wheel (cycling), Morales has also participated in four-wheel (car and kart) sports.

Morales established ASV Motorsports, a Porsche 911 vehicle repair shop, in September 2019. Since he was in his early 20s, Morales has had a long-standing passion for Porsche cars. As a pastime, he has been buying, restoring, and selling Porsche cars since the early 1980s. In a 1986 interview and photo piece with the two partners about their business Mor Distributing, the parent company of Scootster Scooters and Auburn Cycles, Morales was seen in a photo with one of his early Porsche automobiles with his colleague Todd Huffman and his car.

Since the early 2000s, Morales has participated in sports car racing competitions with the Porsche Club of America (PCA) and the Porsche Owners Club (POC), and he has won awards and championships in both car and kart racing. Morales continues to compete in karting, motorbike, and car events.

What happened to Bob after Ritchie Valens died?

Ritchie Valens, Bob Morales’ well-known younger brother, died in a plane crash when he was 21 years old. After his brother passed away, Morales turned to drink and experienced a downhill spiral. He defeated prostate cancer following his recuperation.

What Was did Bob Morales do for a living?

He continued to act out till the very end. Morales, a mechanic who enjoyed driving fast automobiles on Californian highways, had been without a driver’s license for the previous 25 years. Police frequently stopped him, but once they recognized him, they just issued warnings.

How many children did Bob Morales have?

In actual life, Morales was a hellraiser not dissimilar from the figure portrayed in the biography by director Luis Valdez. But he was a rock to his wife Joanie. And he was just dad to his ten kids. Surrounded by family, Morales passed away from cancer on Sunday at his home in Watsonville.

Was Bob jealous of Ritchie?

He receives some vodka from Keane to help him relax on the flight. Bob quickly develops resentment toward Ritchie’s success and begins to binge drink while yelling and screaming at his family in an effort to see his daughter.


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