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Video Of Attack In Ondo State, Owo Area And Killed Members Of The Church by Unknown Gun Men

Video Of Attack In Ondo State Owo Area And Killed Members Of The Church

During a community gathering on Sunday morning, shooters went after St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo, the central command of the Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State, killing more than 50 individuals from the assembly.

It was accounted for that in excess of 50 bodies had been taken out from the congregation, with a lot more being treated at the Federal Medical Center in Owo.

As indicated by a source, a few shooters broke into the congregation during a help and started shooting at the gathering, killing something like 50 individuals. He made sense of that the gathering were gotten uninformed, saying the losses may be more as certain admirers who were taken to the emergency clinic had surrendered.


He added that the shooters likewise utilized a few explosives inside the compound of the congregation however expressed the vast majority of individuals were hit with shots. The culprits were said to have run away from the area following they did the killing, leaving many individuals dead.


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