Removal Of Fuel Subsidy Will Shut Down The Country – NANS

Removal Of Fuel Subsidy Will Shut Down The Country- NANS

Federal Government warned against removal of fuel subsidy by The National Association of Nigerian Students on Friday.

“Nigeria will be shut down over the removal of fuel subsidy if FG insist.” Asefon said.

Zainab Ahmed, the Minister of Finance, Budget, and National Planning, on Wednesday declares the Government approach of lifting off subsidy on fuel products in 2022 and thereby mitigating it with N5000 transport grant monthly to the 40 million poor citizens of the country.

NANS President, Adedayo Asefon said while addressing the journalist in Abuja, decision like this by the FG will only increment the hardship condition in the country.

The Students organization also denies the N5000 monthly transport grant plan by the government to cushion the effect of the subsidy removal.

The association president added that: “It is merely an attempt to add a new dimension of economic woes upon Nigerians through this removal of fuel subsidy.

“We wish to state further that before Federal Government can take any decision on the removal of subsidy, it must first demonstrate goodwill by ensuring that the NNPC makes the four refineries we have in this country work at full capacity to determine the exact cost of refining the products in the country.

“Nigeria cannot continue to use this cause of the implication of the petrol as the benchmark for determining the appropriate price of the products.”

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