Why Is Muslim Muslim Ticket A Problem?

Why is Muslim muslim ticket a problem?

Nigeria is a democratic state where the two arms of government are brought to power.The country has maintained and enjoyed no interruption of democracy since 1999 which recorded positivities in terms of making a name in Africa with ranking that hovers around 1 to 5 as the largest economy in Africa over 3 decades and negative consequences of corruption which gave birth to injustice, insecurity, unemployment, bribery, ineptitude and negligence of civil and public servants in handling their duties to the state in respect to administration, governance and development.

Democratic states are therefore bound to have either one of the three party system category in the process of electing a representative of a particular constituency or a state at large.

Russia in Europe,China and other Asian countries are good example of one party system states where one political party exist and the other parties were not approved by law to take control but existing as an apposition parties.


Just like the communist party of China whereas Australia, Taiwan, South Korea and America adopted the two party system. Winning Elections in the United States can only be through securing a ticket in the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

Nigeria is however known for a mixed party (Two party APC/PDP and Multi party {All})system but literally a multi party system of politics, where good number of parties which are lawfully registered reaches the general election stage which is the final level of electing a political representatives.

All the parties have guidelines and conduct that control the affairs of the party and so also the constitution has laws that govern the affairs of political parties.

It’s assumed that we are all Nigerians coming from different region, religion and ethnic backgrounds synergistically formed a political party with mission and vision to gain power for the well being of every citizens. Be it PRP, NNPP, APC, PDP or Labour Party.

The unification of both religions and ethnicity peered up to forming a party which will serve it interests after securing political seats.

All political parties are working hard to strategize and re strategize in order to win with structure and administration. How to win is not anyone’s problem but the party involved.

Picking Senator Kashim Shettima for VP has well in return shakes the Nigerian state which was actually intended to secure a political seat but later took it way to the media where it displayed one religion unfavored. Neglecting the democracy principle of politics a game of numbers.

The media has divided the political arena to a religious warfare than a party as it used to be. Belonging to whatever party, no one can be forced to vote for anyone but to whoever you see fit in to that seat.

Democracy care not for religion and ethnicity but interest. In plateau state where Muslims have a good number of 40 to 45 percent are not complaining of one religion tickets.

Taraba where majority of population are Muslims gets Christian Muslim ticket and no one complains. Nasarawa which has 65 percent Muslims still respects Muslim Christian ticket which plateau never had. Former National Assembly speaker is representing 65 to 70 percent Muslims in his constituency and no voice raised but what exactly is the problem?

Are those complaining have personal interest in the political space? when you can join a different party if the existing one serve you opposite of what you desire.

What brought about the Islamization issue knowing that the constitution serves no religion but the interest of the Nigerians as it was said.

I believe religion and culture are not supposed to be attached to political sphere if really we mean prosperity and peace in our democratic society.

Written by: Abdulmatin Salihu (Dattijo)

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