Prince Tewatia Gangster Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Early Life and Criminal Career, Rise to Power and Notoriety

Prince Tewatia Gangster Biography

The legendary mobster and criminal Prince Tewatia, commonly known as “Pintu,” operated in the Uttar Pradesh state in northern India. We shall examine Prince Tewatia’s life in more detail in this article, including his ascent to power and contentious legacy.

Prince Tewatia Gangster Early Life and Criminal Career

In the Uttar Pradeshn district of Baghpat, in the village of Tewatia, Prince Tewatia was born. He was raised in a family of criminals and from an early age, he continued in their footsteps. His criminal career began as petty theft and robbery, but he swiftly worked his way up to become one of the most dreaded gangsters in the area.

Tewatia engaged in a variety of criminal actions, such as kidnapping, extortion, and murder. He was regarded as a strong foe because of his reputation for using violent techniques and his capacity to elude the authorities.


Prince Tewatia Gangster Rise to Power and Notoriety

Prince Tewatia’s connections to local lawmakers and law enforcement authorities aided in his climb to prominence. He established a criminal empire spanning several regions in Uttar Pradesh using these ties. He had a sizable group of devoted subordinates who assisted him in executing his plans and growing his power.

For his involvement in several high-profile crimes, including the 2018 murder of a senior police officer, Tewatia rose to notoriety. He was also suspected of taking part in numerous instances of land grabs and unlawful building.

Prince Tewatia Gangster Controversial Legacy and Death

The memory of Prince Tewatia is a contentious one; although some remember him as a Robin Hood-like figure who defended his village against dishonest officials and criminals, others see him as a vicious mobster who brought dread and murder to the area.


In September 2021, Tewatia was murdered in a police encounter in the Muzaffarnagar district, putting an end to his reign of terror. Many people hailed his death as a triumph for law and order, while others lamented the loss of a strong leader.

His Association with Lawrence Bishnoi

In Tihar Jail, the body of Prince Tewatia, a prominent mobster with at least 16 active criminal cases against him, was discovered. He was accused of engaging in criminal activity beginning in 2010 and cases for larceny, dacoity, murder, and the arms act were filed against him.

Tewatia was associated with the jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is also currently facing criminal charges. Tewatia was renowned for his ruthless tactics and capacity to elude the police. His rise to power was propelled by his contacts to local politicians and law enforcement officers.

His reign of terror came to an end in September 2021 when he was slain during a police encounter. On April 15, 2023, a gang fight at Tihar Jail is said to have claimed the life of Prince Tewatia, a criminal with numerous cases filed against him. He was fatally stabbed, which raised questions about the security precautions in Indian prisons.

End of Reign

Prince Tewatia, a known felon with a history of numerous crimes, was assassinated by police in Muzaffarnagar in September 2021. Some saw his passing as a victory for law and order, while others lamented the loss of a strong leader.

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Prince Tewatia Gangster Photos


A legendary mobster named Prince Tewatia gained control of his position by a combination of force, intimidation, and political connections. His death signals the end of an era in the criminal underworld of Uttar Pradesh because of the lasting effects his illegal activities and his legacy have had on the area. Although many people may detest his acts, his story serves as a warning about the perils of unbridled authority and corruption.


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