Grace Tawiah Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Early Life, Background, Personal Life, Net Worth, Nationality, Mother (PMXTRA)

Grace Tawiah Biography

Grace Tawiah’s bio, age, real name, boyfriend, parents, and net worth are listed here. Model and actor Grace Maabena Ankomaa Tawiah, also known as Grace Tawiah. She competed in two reality TV shows, won both of them, and is a reality show contestant. She most recently gained notoriety after taking part in the dating show titled Perfect Match Xtra 2023.

Grace Tawiah was born in 1997 in Ghana’s Central Region, and as of 2023, she will be 26 years old. She is a citizen of Ghana.

Grace Tavia captivates the audience with her attractive personality and seeks out people who are sincere, open-minded, and understanding as well as God-fearing, cunning, witty, and odor-good.

To announce who the former Date Rush star is seeing, Grace Tawiah made an appearance on Perfect Match Extra 2023, the inaugural season of the Baddie reality TV series. The Perfect Match Extra Season 1 edition was won by she and her.

Alongside Dezato and his other couple, he appeared in TV3 Date Rush Season 3 Best Couple.

Grace Tawiah Wiki

Name: Grace Maabena Ankomaa Tawiah
Age: 26 Years
Boyfriend: Bebelino Karmani
Date of Birth: 1997
Nationality: Ghanaian
Net Worth: $500,000

Grace Tawiah Age

She will be 26 years old in 2023.

Grace Tawiah Early Life and Background

In the peaceful Ghanaian hamlet of Ajumako Bisease, which is tucked away in the Central Region, Grace Tawiah was born in 1997. Grace was raised in this culturally diverse area and was impacted by her ancestry with the fanti tribe of the Akan ethnic group. Her artistic sensibility and creative spirit have been moulded by the lively traditions and customs instilled in her from an early age.

Grace Tawiah Professional Career

Grace Tawiah fell in love with the transforming power of makeup from a young age. She polished her abilities with unwavering determination, continuously experimenting and pushing the limits of her artistry. Grace became a respected makeup artist through years of experience and ongoing education. She is known for her ability to accentuate inherent beauty and produce gorgeous looks.

Grace has had a truly extraordinary career in the cosmetics sector. She has received praise and recognition for her extraordinary talent, attention to detail, and capacity to bring out the best in her customers. Grace has made an enduring impression on many people’s faces and hearts through her work with celebrities and her work making brides look beautiful on their wedding day.

Grace Tawiah Parents

The names and occupations of their parents are not yet listed on the internet, but our sources are working to do so. When we get more information, we will update this page.

Grace Tawiah Personal Life

Grace Tawiah has a successful personal life in addition to her professional achievements. Her friendship with prominent entertainment business figure Bebelino is one key feature of her life. They come together to create the dominant couple known as Gralino. Beyond their close personal relationships, they work together to encourage and uplift one other’s goals and desires.

Grace values her loved ones and enjoys spending time with them in addition to her career and relationship. She finds comfort in nature, where she is inspired by its beauty and uses it as inspiration for her work.

Grace Tawiah Nationality

She is a citizen of Ghana.

Grace Tawiah Winning the Reality Show

When Grace Tawiah and Bebelino took part in the inaugural season of the Perfect Match Xtra reality show, their adventure took new heights. Couples from various backgrounds were brought together for this special competition to assess their compatibility and display their love. Grace Tawiah and Bebelino triumphed, winning the hearts of the audience and earning their place in reality show history thanks to their chemistry, mutual support, and unyielding resolve.

Grace Tawiah Real Name

She goes by Maabena Ankomaa Okonkyema in real life.

Grace Tawiah Boyfriend

Grace Tawiah’s boyfriend, Bebelino Karmani, and the two of them won Perfect Match Xtra.

The young influencer who captured the eye of her audience with her endearing attitude is looking for a “Honest, Transparent, God-fearing, Understandable and Naughty” Man, and it appears that she found him in Belelino.

Grace Tawiah Net Worth

She is thought to be worth $500,000 overall.


The life of Grace Tawiah is a monument to the strength of skill, perseverance, and unrelenting passion, in the end. Grace has forged her own way in the business, rising from modest beginnings to fame as a cosmetic artist and winning the Perfect Match Xtra reality competition. Her story acts as motivation for young artists and a reminder that goals can be achieved with hard work and a dogged pursuit of perfection.

What sets Grace Tawiah apart as a makeup artist?

Grace Tawiah stands out in the field of makeup artistry due to her attention to detail, artistic talent, and capacity to enhance natural beauty.

What is the significance of Grace Tawiah’s victory in the Perfect Match Xtra reality show?

Winning the reality show emphasized Grace Tawiah and Bebelino’s compatibility as well as their chemistry and support for one another, drawing the attention and affection of viewers.

What are some notable achievements in Grace Tawiah’s career as a makeup artist

Grace Tawiah has had the honor of beautifying brides on their wedding day and working with celebrities. She has received praise and recognition for her extraordinary talents and her capacity to create beautiful appearances.

How does Grace Tawiah incorporate her cultural heritage into her makeup artistry?

Grace’s Akan ethnic heritage and upbringing in the culturally diverse area of Ajumako Bisease have an impact on her artistic sensibilities and enable her to fill her work with lively traditions and customs.

What inspires Grace Tawiah in her craft as a makeup artist?

Grace Tawiah finds inspiration in nature, valuing its beauty and fusing pieces of it into her artistic works to give them a distinctive touch.


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