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Papa Penny Biography

Born in 1962, Eric Kulani Giyani Nkovani is a well-known South African politician and musician, also known by his stage names Penny Penny and Papa Penny. He is referred to as the “Shangaan Disco King” because of the famous music genre he helped establish.

A traditional surgeon and doctor in the area with 25 marriages had 68 children total, of which he was the youngest. Despite not having an education due to his family’s financial situation, he quickly rose to fame for his dancing and was given the moniker Penny. He was 19 years old when he started working on a goldmine in West Driefontein, close to Carletonville. He quickly left the area due to the unfavorable working circumstances there, but not before winning multiple breakdancing titles.

His debut album Shaka Bundu, which was recorded in a week with minimal equipment and went on to sell 250,000 copies across the nation, marked his breakthrough. The music combines modern American house music with the Tsonga (or Shangaan) disco sound, which originated in Penny’s native Tsonga culture.


Unusually, the album’s songs were recorded in Tsonga or Xitsonga, or more precisely, in the dialect of Xihlanganu, which is unique to the Limpopo region and is one of the least spoken languages in South Africa. Penny made this deliberate decision because he intended to present his language “to the world.” He spent three months studying music under Peta Teanet, the King of Disco, at her villa in Tzaneen.

He went on to create several further albums, including Laphinda Shangaan (1997) and Makanjta Jive (1998), which both outsold Shaka Bundu. However, none of his records were released outside of South Africa, and as the nation’s musical tastes changed, he quickly fell from favor. Shaka Bundu saw a resurgence in popularity because of Awesome Tapes From Africa’s global release.


His newly acquired fame extended to Los Angeles clubs. He started making songs in 2017 under the moniker “heavy gum” because he was sick of being nicknamed the “Shangaan Disco King.” He declared: “I never called myself the Shangaan Disco King; that title belonged to others. I’m sick and tired of being recognized solely by my language. There is more to music than just your tongue.” “Goldie Bone” was his debut hit in the genre.

Penny is a politician who serves as a council member for the African National Congress. He disclosed a long-standing, widely reported dispute with a Giyani-based chief regarding a free water effort, stating that he “entered into a partnership with a local farmer to help provide water to the community but was stopped from implementing the plan by the chief.”

In addition, he has been starring in Penny Ahee, a reality show on Mzansi Magic, since 2017. This show was commissioned following his triumphant stint as a judge on Clash of the Choirs.

Twenty-three of Penny Penny’s twenty-five children are from prior marriages. She is married.


Papa Penny Biography
Papa Penny Biography

Papa Penny: History ‧ Bio ‧ Photo
Full Name: Eric Kulani Giyani Nkovani
Stage Name: Papa Penny
Born: 14 March 1962 (age 61 years old)
Place of Birth: Limpopo, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Education: N/A
Height: 1.6 m
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Kulani
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Mama Nomi
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: 25
Occupation: Musician • TV Personality
Net Worth:  


Papa Penny’s Net Worth

Papa Penny Net Worth
Papa Penny’s Net Worth

The well-known South African musician and reality TV personality Papa Penny, 61, has an astounding $300,000 in net worth. This person is evidence of his diligence and commitment to his art.

Papa Penny has had great success in the entertainment business and is still well-liked by both domestic and foreign followers. The strong demand for music, products, and other connected endeavors is also demonstrated by his net worth.

Papa Penny’s Personal Life

Papa Penny Personal Life
Papa Penny’s Personal Life

The adored reality TV star Papa Penny, who is 61 years old, constantly expresses his love for his family on his program and takes great delight in them. He is happily married to Mama Nomi, and together they have been blessed with twenty-five children.

In addition, Papa Penny plays the part of a loving grandfather to multiple young children. He shows them how much he appreciates the pleasures of family life and is not afraid to show them how much he cares. Papa Penny has gained a lot of admirers who think he is a great family guy because of his unwavering devotion to his loved ones.

Papa Penny Social Media

Papa Penny Social Media
Papa Penny Social Media
  • Instagram: @penny_penny_shaka_bundu
  • Twitter: @RealPennyPenny
  • Facebook: Papa Penny

Papa Penny Is a vibe guys 😂😂👏@PENNY PENNY AHEE!!!!

♬ original sound – Gabriel Temudzani

Papa Penny Discography

Papa Penny Discography
Papa Penny Discography
  • Faki Mali
  • Madam Speaker
  • Mali I Bosso
  • Khilo Khela
  • I Do I Do
  • Bum Bum
  • LoadShedding
  • Silima Watolovela
  • Mbah
  • Mphe Mphe

When was Papa Penny born?

Born in 1962, Eric Kulani Giyani Nkovani is a well-known South African politician and musician who goes by the stage names Penny Penny and Papa Penny. He is often referred to as the “Shangaan Disco King” because of the musical genre he popularized.

How many kids does Papa Penny have?

Papa Penny, a 57-year-old musician and reality star from South Africa, is well-known not just for his unique style of music and personality but also for being a father to numerous kids. As of April 2019, Papa Penny was the legal father of 25 children, the newest addition to the star’s family being a boy.

What country is Penny Penny from?

Hanani, Limpopo, South Africa · 1962 · Dance

The biggest star of Tsonga Disco is Penny Penny, a politician, musician, and television personality from South Africa.

What tribe is Papa Penny?

However, I wished to make my language known to everyone.” The “music-like linguistic flavors” of the Xitsonga language are used by Penny and Shirimani to emphasize their ethnic Tsonga identity. Positive vibes are encouraged by the joyful and spiritually inspiring words.

Who is Papa Penny’s son?

Johannesburg – Officially, Papa Penny is a father of 25. The reality star posted a picture of his little boy on Instagram on Tuesday, captioning it with the simple phrase “#Ahee Penny Penny Jr.” The star revealed in February that his wife Mama Nomi was expecting a boy.

What is Papa Penny’s real name?

Eric Kulani Giyani Nkovani, a musician and reality celebrity better known by his stage names Penny Penny and Papa Penny, is furious because a local DJ and producer played his song Hai Ka Mina.

How many wives did Papa Penny’s father have?

The star of a reality TV show hails from a large family. “My father had 27 wives and I was child number 68,” he says. Naturally, the entire family came to honor the late dad. About the revelation, he declares, “My father is not dead.”


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