Soji Adagunodo Biography, Age, Wife, Early Life, Education, Children, Personal Life, Childhood, Networth

Soji Adagunodo Biography

Soji Adagunodo was a well-known Nigerian politician who spent many years actively participating in the nation’s political arena. He belonged to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and was regarded as one of the western region’s most devoted PDP members. This article will examine Soji Adagunodo’s life and career, focusing on his upbringing, professional life, personal life, cause of death, and wealth.

Soji Adagunodo Age

Soji Adagunodo was born in Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria, on June 14, 1970. When he passed away, he was 52 years old.


Soji Adagunodo Childhood

In Nigeria’s Osun State’s Obokun Local Government Area, Soji Adagunodo was born on July 2, 1961. He was interested in politics as a child and frequently listened to radio newscasts. However, nothing is known about his early years and family history.

Soji Adagunodo Early Life and Education

On June 14, 1970, Soji was born in Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria. Growing up in a modest environment, Adagunodo acquired the virtues of toil, honesty, and service. His leadership abilities were honed in St. Peter’s Primary School in Iwo, where he attended.

Adagunodo attended Baptist High School in Iwo to complete his secondary education due to his passion for learning. He chose to study Political Science at the esteemed Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, out of a hunger for knowledge. Academic pursuits helped Adagunodo develop his analytical and critical thinking skills, which would later be useful to him in his political career.

Soji Adagunodo Career

An educated Yoruba man with a strong desire to advance in politics was Soji Adagunodo. He entered politics after earning his degree, though it’s unclear whose party he initially joined. Later on, he rose to prominence inside the PDP, where he held a number of senior posts.

At some time in his political career, Mr. Adagunodo was chosen to serve as the PDP’s chairman in the state of Osun. Additionally, he was a representative in the Osun State House of Assembly. He was appointed the South West Zonal Vice Chairman of the PDP in 2021 and served in that capacity till his passing.

Soji Adagunodo Personal Life

Married Soji Adagunodo had children and grandchildren. However, little is known about his personal or family history because he chose not to make it public.

Soji Adagunodo Wife

He was already married. The name of his wife is unknown at this time. He has a child and grandchild, but right now their names aren’t searchable online.

Soji Adagunodo Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Soji Adagunodo was $500,000. He gained wealth from both business and politics.


In conclusion, Soji Adagunodo was a well-known Nigerian politician who made a substantial contribution to the advancement of politics in the nation. Even after his passing, his legacy will endure, and people will remember him for his commitment to and devotion of his country.

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