Ex Senate Whip Calls For Zoning Ahead Of 2023 Election

Senator Calls For Zoning Ahead Of 2023 Election

Senator Roland Owie, Former Chief Whip of the Senate made a very sensitive speech about the zoning of regions ahead of the 2023 election.

Read What He Said Below;

” Without zoning, the North will rule Nigeria for 300 years, go to some parts of the North, you will see a man with 78 children which he can’t take care of, they are on the street but when it’s election time, they will go and vote.
Economically, they are useless but politically they are useful but you and I hear are not ready to have more than three or four children.


I went to New Benin to see my aunt and I told her to go and register, she asked me whether I am contesting any election.

That means it’s only when I am contesting that she will register, whereas, in the North, they will queue to register. North West alone has 29 million registered voters excluding the new one, yet, South East and South-South put together have less than 19 million, so, how do you win?”

What can you say about the Senators suggestion about zoning?

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