Diezani Madueke Has A Bra Worth $12.5m Over #6.8bn [See Photos]

Diezani Madueke Has A Bra Worth $12.5m Over #6.8bn

The Nigerian ex-minister Diezani Madueke is said to own the most expensive brain the whole world, the bra cost at about $12.5millon.

The heavily star bra is made up of Sapphires and as its centerpiece, a90-carat emerald cut diamond that was worth $10.6million alone at that time.

Diezani’s bra is approxiamtely #5, 128, 375, 000.00, the cost of the bra will be able to pay the wages of the world football’s highest paid player for over 6 months. Cristiano Ronaldo who is known to be the highest  earning football player earns $557, 188, 40 weekly at Manchester United which means the ex-ministers bra can pay Ronaldo for good 6Months.

The value of the bra is the symbol of riches that elaborates the over-wealthy status of the ex Nigerian minister.

According to the long list of items announced for sale by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), on Wednesday, the Ex-Minister has items including 125 pieces of wedding gowns, 13 small gowns, 41 waist trainers, 73 hard flowers, 11 suits, 11 invisible bras, 73 veils, 30 braziers, two standing fans, 17 magic skirts, six blankets, one table blanket and 64 pairs of shoes.

According to the the Government, she is alleged to have stolen $2.5 billion from the Nigerian government while she was minister.

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