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Delegates And Transactional Politics – 2023 Primary Election

Delegates And Transactional Politics 2023 Primary Election

Democracy for long has proven to be a scam system of government which stands for the people and by the people as we were taught. but obviously, it’s nothing but a tool used by the so called politicians to manipulate, influence(psychologically) and compel the populace to vote certain people to power without consent.

Political parties  clearly impose candidate of their choice who could actually work in favor of the party not for the people who voted. Democratic system of government literally be define as government of the people by the people for the people, this is because the citizens as a whole are suppose to choose the type of leader they want who will listen to their voices when needed.

The story in Nigerian politics remain otherwise, where as leaders are being imposed by party through consensus or primaries, does credibility matters? most credible persons are being denied tickets or cut out after primary election, One needs to lobby and worship if possible party cabals for a ticket, is that necessary?


The same system has produced leaders since 1999 which crippled development and sabotaged every sector working in the country with no remorse and the people’s negligible behavior has been a motivating factor of the nation’s deterioration, is it lack of political knowledge or unpatriotism by the populace?  Everything about Nigeria’s politics is baffling and mysterious.

Which country are we trying to save when the fate of all Nigerian’s lies in the hands of delegates. these delegates appears more to care for their wallets than for the country. how credible are theses delegates at first? Any miscreants can buy his way to power.  Democracy has never been different with other system of government the west advocating against.

Monetary politics will not yield any good but only if we understand!


Written by Abdulmatin Salihu

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