Leeds United Boss Sends A Great Warning To Barcelona Over 1 Time Raphinha Incomplete Move

Leeds United Boss Sends a Great Warning To Barcelona Over 1 Time Raphinha Incomplete Move

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Sadly, Leeds United Boss sadly Threatens Barcelona Over Raphinha’s incomplete payment Move.  Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani sends a warning to Barcelona over the recent deal of Raphinha.



It was earlier in a press session with the team owner, he explains that the Spanish team did not somehow complete the full payment of the striker.

And it is a well-known fact that Barcelona is suffering from financial difficulties which leads to their limited ability to buy new players this summer transfer window.

Despite all the current financial issues, Barcelona is still able to bring in new costly players.

Meanwhile, one of the good transfer inlets by the Catalans turns out to be financially incomplete.

And now Leads United starts sending warnings to them about Raphinha.

According to some media sources, Andrea Radrizzani said that they should start considering the completion of payment they owe on Raphinha Move. He somehow regards his words as a Global case.

“I don’t know about behind the scenes and how they suddenly found the money and now it works, it’s not clear,” Radrizzani said about Barcelona to The Athletic.

“Look, I’ll tell you on September 2. If not, we will have a global case on all the media in the world about Barcelona,” he added.

“For me, it was done, and when I have a deal my word is my word. I felt ashamed to go back to Todd Boehly and change my position,” he admitted.

“We made the deal with Chelsea because the player wanted to go and he was open to listening to offers from Premier League clubs.

“Chelsea was in his favorable [option]. But unfortunately, let’s say Barcelona’s influences convinced the player to wait, to wait, to wait until they could find a solution.

“This shows again the power and the leverage players and their agents have in the system, which for me is exaggerated, too much.

“We do a lot of investment to build clubs. We invest hundreds of millions but all the power it seems to be [with] agents and representatives of these players.”

Leeds United Threats Barcelona Over Raphinha Move.

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